Dec 29, 2011

It's MMAzing Staff Predictions for UFC 141

Brock Lesnar v. Alistair Overeem

Doctor Law: It’s finally here folks. One of the biggest battles in history…my beard against DJ Mark’s beard. Oh, there is also a cage fight between two gorillas taking place. Let’s not beat around the bush people, this is a grappler against a striker. Sure, Brock would tell you about how he was able to drop Randy Couture and Heath Herring and Alistair would surely tell you about his submission victory over BJJ black belt Vitor Belfort. Good for them. That doesn’t change the fact that Brock turtles up when he gets hit hard and Alistair hasn’t fought anybody who can wrestle in God knows how long. We are going to know the outcome of this fight within the first 2 minutes. If Brock gets him down, he wins. If he can’t, I lose my beard. I’m an optimist. Lesnar by 1st round TKO.

Kid Presentable: Finally, the colossuses collide. In the lead up to this fight, the primary story has been that Brock Lesnar cannot take a punch. It is a slight misconception as he certainly can take the punch, he just might not react well to them. Even so, it is a bit of an overstatement as he has also previously eaten a gigantic knee from Frank Mir only to take him down and grind him to mulch. The Reem certainly offers up the most dangerous standing threat in the division, but my gut is telling me that he is going to drop this one. The combination of guys making their octagon debut, and those who spent the majority of their careers in Japan, has left a lot to be desired performance wise. Reem will be taken down and the fact that he gassed against a guy who pulled guard for an entire fight leads me to think Brock is going to go Hulk Smash on Reem. Sure, Cain got up from Lesnar's takedown, but Reem doesn't have that kind of wrestling. Brock Lesnar by 1st round ground and pound TKO.

DJ Mark with a “K”: Well if you’ve been visiting the site with any regularity you’ll already know who I’m picking for this one. While I think Brock is a hell of an athlete and has a chance to perform a mild upset, I just don’t think he has want it takes to beat a battle tested veteran like Alistair. Brock has to get the fight to the mat and be on top, that’s the only place he can win this fight. While on the feet (clinch or otherwise) Alistair holds the advantage and I don’t think Brock has much to offer off his back. However, with guys this big and talented it really is a tossup. Either way, someone’s going to get hurt. Alistair by TKO round 1.

Lavender Gooms: BEARD BET!!!!!! Besides the Slap Bet, it’s the ultimate kind of bet. Sadly, because of my ability to grow facial hair like a 13 year old boy, I will never take place in this bet of kings. We can only dream…Well back to the fight! Classic style match-up here. My prediction is based on the idea that Brock is completely healed from his last diverticulitis scare. The Reem can’t bully Brock around the cage like some of his previous opponents. Overeem has never fought a wrestler as good as Lesnar and has never been good against them in the first place. Lesnar is also bigger and stronger than him. Of course Brock has shown in the past that if he gets hit, he has a big tendency to cover up. I think the baddest man on the planet shows up for this fight though. No amount of “horse meat” is saving Overeem. Lesnar by TKO in the 3rd round.

Picking Lesnar: Dr. Law, Kid P, Gooms
Picking Overeem: DJ Mark

Nate Diaz v. Donald Cerrone

Doctor Law: Now this is going to be a great fight. Two guys who are absolutely incapable of fighting safe. I was already excited for this fight and then the incident you see above you happened. You can’t really hear it, but according to Dana White, Cerrone told Diaz that he’s going to “get in that ass,” which sounds…unpleasant. My level of interest in this fight is pretty much at its maximum. I’m actually concerned that they are going to get in a fight at the weigh-ins and the athletic commission won’t let them fight on Friday. This is going to be a very close fight. Cerrone is a great technical kickboxer and Diaz boxes like his older brother. Both men are comfortable off their back, but Diaz has the edge in the grappling department. I’m going with Diaz because he hasn’t been finished in over 5 years and, more importantly, I like him more. Diaz by 3rd round submission after an epic battle.

Kid Presentable: Stylistically, this is possibly one of the most exciting fights the UFC may have ever put on. These guys will go to war on the feet and have the grappling credentials to put on a show on the ground. Cerrone and Benson Henderson put on a grappling heavy fight of the year candidate in 2010 which is amazing when you consider we live in a "boo after 10 seconds of inactivity" society. And who could forget Nate's double bird triangle submission salute? Donald and Nate are also two of the taller, lankier fighters in the division who will for the first time be fighting guys who can match each other's range. Cerrone has been on fire as of late and if it weren't for Jon Jones' demolition circuit, could have arguably been the fighter of the year. That said, 209 bitch! Nate took a massive leap forward in his last fight against Takanori Gomi, showing that he might finally be more than Nick's little brother. His boxing, pace, control, and aggression never looked better and I see the kid with the mean mug derailing the Cerrone train. Nate by 3rd round Submission.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This is also an amazing fight and could have easily been a main event for a Fuse or FX card. Both guys have looked really good as of late and both always have exciting performances. Much like the main event it’s easy to picture either of these guys walking away with the W. However, my money is on Diaz, I think his hands have started to look really good as of late and I think Nate is a little better on the ground. Nate by 3rd round Submission.

Lavender Gooms: Like I said in my post from yesterday, I am 100% sure this is going to be fight of the night. There is no way in hell these two don’t start whaling on each other from the opening bell. If Diaz is smart in this fight, he takes it to the ground and turns “Cowboy” into a pretzel. Most likely they will stand in the center of the cage and trade with each other. In a battle of whose chin is stronger, you never go against a Diaz. Cerrone breaks before Diaz does. Diaz by Submission in the 2nd round.

Picking Diaz: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Cerrone:

Jon Fitch v. Johny Hendricks

Doctor Law: There is a pretty regular problem when you watch an entire fight card on the west coast (where almost all of the It’s MMAzing staff resides). When you watch all of the fights, it means you are watching cage fighting from 4pm to 9:30pm. You don’t know how long the gaps between fights will be so there is no real time for dinner. This problem doesn’t exist when Jon Fitch is fighting. You can carve out about 25 minutes between introductions and the 3 rounds that Fitch will be dry humping his opponent to go on a food run. Fitch is the most boring fighter in all of MMA. No reason to think he’s going to take any chances in this fight. Fitch by the most boring decision anybody has seen since the last time Fitch fought.

Kid Presentable: Mr. Hendricks has an impressive resume of wrestling credentials, several solid wins, and a lone blemish on his MMA record. Then again, Mr. Fitch is Mr. Fitch. Jon Fitch has essentially been the perpetual number two welterweight since the day Georges St. Pierre decided he wanted to fight in a cage. A man, who seemingly should have fought for the title multiple times, but hasn't because he got styled on so badly... now gets a chance to throw his name into a mix where there is no GSP for a year. Few combine striking to wrestling better than Fitch and even though Hendricks is the better credentialed wrestler, he is absolutely going to be taken down. The fact that he was grinded away by Rick Story, makes it seem like Fitch should have no problem. Additionally, if he should somehow read this... please finish the fight Jon. I want to be a fan of yours so bad. Funny YouTube videos, English bulldog, and a hot Asian wife…seriously Jon, we could be best friends. Fitch by decision. If by finish, we're new best bros.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Fitch in person at a Strikeforce event earlier this year and I have to say he’s one of the nicest, coolest fighters I have met. However, his performances have left something to be desired. Fitch is a no risk fighter which is extremely smart to have longevity in this sport, but doesn’t do much to get people excited for your fights. I see Fitch winning this one by decision.

Lavender Gooms: So this is the fight when I decide to go get more beer from the store. I normally hate those fans who boo when the fight goes to the ground for even 3 seconds. I normally enjoy watching a fight where the majority of it is on the ground, but Fitch is the exception. I hate watching him fight. From the opening bell you know what’s coming. I bet if he was in a boxing match he would still shoot for a takedown. This boy does NOTHING else. Hendricks is a good wrestler, but Fitch is the master of looking menacing going into the cage and grinding out a decision. Coors light (that’s COORS LIGHT, cause Bud Light ain’t paying me nothin’) refilled by 2nd round. Fitch by Boredom at the end of 3 rounds.

Picking Fitch: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Hendricks:

Dec 27, 2011

209 Bitch! It's Nate Diaz's Time to Shine

It’s MMAzing continues its preview of UFC 141. Up next, our take on Nate Diaz who takes on Donald Cerrone in the co-main event on December 30th.

Hands down my favorite athletes to root for aren’t the Tim Tebow types. Their “aw shucks” demeanor more often than not is just a front for the media (not in Tebow’s case, that dude is Jesus on the gridiron). My favorites are the types who it all out there and seem to truly dislike their opponents. So naturally I love the Diaz brothers.

Last February, my boys and I went to Vegas and I got to meet Nate Diaz at an autograph signing. Considering this is the guy who flipped off an opponent while in a triangle choke and I half expected to meet someone who would be mean mugging the whole time. Surprisingly, the dude was cool as hell; laughing at my jokes about how he whooped Marcus Davis and taking pictures with me and my people. I liked Nate Diaz before that day, that day made me a huge fan.

Although he has not yet reached his older brother’s level of fame, I feel Nate has a chance to become a bigger star than Nick. While he also possesses the “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude and a general contempt for anyone who is a potential opponent. Unlike his brother, he is more comfortable in front of the camera, and is more articulate in a post fight interview or in hyping a fight. He possesses the ability to “play the game” that UFC president Dana White loves to say Nick needs to at least do a little to become a star.

This Saturday he faces Donald Cerrone, who’s been a beast since coming over from the WEC, winning four times in 2011 alone. For both men, this is the biggest fight in their careers. This is the first co-main event match for either fighter, coming on a card that’s sure to have a lot of eyeballs watching with the main event featuring the immensely popular Brock Lesnar. A victory for either of these men will leave either of them at most a fight or two away from challenging for the belt.

“Cowboy” is one of the best strikers in the lightweight division and will no doubt be the best striker Diaz has faced in his career. Diaz is a far more advanced BJJ practitioner than Cerrone and has the advantage if it goes to the ground. Diaz displayed the best striking of his career in his last fight against Gomi, but I still have to give the edge in striking to Cerrone. However, there are two things in life that I’m certain of: it’s not wise to upset a Wookie and Diaz brothers have granite chins. Diaz likely will keep this fight standing to prove his striking is better than Cerrone’s so there is a 110% chance this will be Fight of the Night.

Also worth noting, I’m looking forward to see which one of these Grizzly Adams wannabes is going to lose their beards. I’ve seen Doctor Law without facial hair, it’s not a pretty sight. So naturally, I’m rooting for DJ Mark with a K.

Dec 23, 2011


Brock Lesnar takes on Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 on December 30th. It’s MMAzing will be taking a deeper look at   both of these fighters leading up to this epic battle of giants. We brought you Alistair Overeem earlier in the week, and now we introduce you to former UFC Heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar.

Having grown up a pro wrestling fan like many of today's current MMA fans, I will always remember the day I heard about Brock Lesnar. Word on the street was there was this behemoth of a man, who was fast, agile, and could pull off a shooting star press as his finishing move. Think an inverted backflip off the top rope for those of you not familiar. Brock's stint in then WWF and now WWE would be short-lived, but not before he left his mark being this unstoppable monster. An attempt at defensive line for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL would follow before Brock had found his home in the world of MMA.

Brock made his MMA debut in June of 2007 against unheralded Min-Soo Kim for Dynamite!! USA where he dispatched him rather easily by way of tapout due to strikes. For his next fight, Lesnar would debut in the UFC, and just three fight later be crowned the heavyweight champion of the reigning promotion in the sport. Brock's ascent up the sport was astronomical, something that had never been seen in the sport before. By far, Brock in an instant became must see tv, proving to be the UFC's biggest pay per view draw. You had a mountain of a man who  spit on cameras, flipped off the fans, and pissed off the advertisers. Whether you loved him or hated him, you had to see what this guy was going to do next. Sure enough though for such a polarizing figure, the faster the rise, the harder the fall.

Lesnar has been many thing and many names to people over the years. He was "The Next Big Thing," "The Silver Back," "The Modern Day Viking," and for a moment in time he was considered the baddest man on the planet, the freak athlete giant that was going to change the game. Supposedly, no longer could you be a heavyweight if you weren't cutting to the 265 limit. But then, diverticulitis set in for the Champ, as he was repeatedly sidelined by the ailment. Then he looked mortal in his fight against Shane Carwin, turtling up, and merely surviving a barrage of ground and pound from Carwin, before securing his win in the second round via arm triangle. Then came an utter obliteration by Cain Velasquez who dethroned Brock of the heavyweight crown. Suddenly Brock was no longer the monster, but the guy with no chin, the guy who can't take a punch, the guy who was fast tracked to the title and given an easy road.

Those mantras are all non-sense however, because if Brock Lesnar was given anything, it was a baptism by fire. His first five UFC opponents consisted of Frank Mir, Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, and Cain Velasquez. Many unfairly take credit away from a man where nothing but credit is due. I will not lie and say Brock is the invincible freight train we once thought he could be, as the luster and shine certainly has come off. And certainly, Alistair Overeem's greatest strength appears to reflect Brock's most obvious weakness. However, in Brock you will always have a man who has massive power and speed for the division, a D-1 national heavyweight champion crown to his name, and a resilient and tough sob. Through multiple bouts of diverticulitis, and surviving a barrage of likely the heaviest hands in the sport, maybe Brock does not react best to how you would like to see someone getting hit by sledgehammers, but no doubt can the man survive and persevere.

Brock vs. Reem represents the time-tested MMA tale of the grappler vs the striker as a champion wrestler will battle with a champion kick boxer. Will Brock be able to withstand some of the best stand up in the division? Will he be able to take down and demolish via vicious ground and pound said foe? Soon enough we will know the answer to the question of is Brock the man we thought he was, or is he the subdued man we have known him to be as of late? It remains to be seen if Brock can climb the mountain he ascended so quickly once more, but there is no doubt he has the resiliency to get there.

Dec 22, 2011

Get to know the "REEM"

Brock Lesnar takes on Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 on December 30th. It’s MMAzing will be taking a deeper look at both of these fighters leading up to this epic battle of giants. Up first, we introduce you to the former Dream, Strikeforce and K1 Grand Prix champion, Alistair Overeem.

Alistair Overeem has been one of my favorite fighters for a long time. I was actually a big fan of his older (and less talented) brother, Valentijn, when he first made his Pride FC debut. There was just something about their style of fighting that just really drew me in. For Alistair, it was his crisp stand up and terrific work in the clinch. There's just something about getting wins from brutal, organ mashing knees to the body that just makes me smile. The guy always comes to fight and even when he loses, his fights are always entertaining.

Alistair's career has had its ups and downs. During his Pride run he could never get a consistent string of wins going his way and struggled early on in K-1. Losses to all time greats like Chuck Liddell, Ricardo Arona, Lil Nog and Werdum kept him from really breaking out in Pride. His first couple of fights in K-1 also resulted in losses. That being said, he also had some big wins as well. His run in the Middleweight 2005 GP saw him get a couple big submission wins over Victor Belfort and Igor Vovchanchyn with his go to submission, the guillotine choke. Also, his win over Kharitonov was impressive as he blasted him with wicked knees from the side mount. Since committing to becoming a heavyweight, however, Alistair has finally found his stride as a mixed martial artist.

Once Alistair made the decision to be a heavyweight, the dude started hitting the weights, hardcore. His physical transformation to the hulking beast he is today is astonishing. Many people believe that steroids played a part in his transformation since he often fought in Japan, where they don't drug test fighters. Personally, I always give guys the benefit of the doubt in till they fail a drug test. Regardless of how he got so big, the fact is that he's been almost unstoppable since permanently moving up to Heavyweight. With a solid run of wins in Dream (including an interim Heavyweight championship), capturing the K-1 Grand Prix in 2010 and winning/defending his Strikeforce championship, it appears that Alistair has finally reached his true potential.

Alistair has set up multiple goals for himself over the last couple of years and has been able to accomplish every single one so far. However, his next test will truly be his hardest. Entering the UFC and getting this organization’s belt will be the greatest challenge Alistair has ever attempted. His first step is against the equally impressive Brock Lesnar. Both of these men are absolute freaks of nature that have even been to succeed in other sports besides MMA. They also both bring in different tools to the octagon. With Alistair being more of the striker and Brock being the wrestler, this match is almost like the old school style vs. style matches from the UFC's early years. What makes this match so interesting is that both men's weaknesses are their opponent’s strengths as well: Alistair has never fought a wrestler like Brock and Brock has shown an inability to react well to being hit. We'll have a much more in depth breakdown of the fight in the coming days, but this is a fight to watch to say the least.

Dec 21, 2011

Beard Bet...It just got serious folks.

Graphic by Eddie "Emcee Phi" Nguyen

On December 30th Brock Lesnar will make his much anticipated return to the UFC octagon. "The Next Big Thing," as he was known in the WWE, will be fighting for the first time since undergoing surgery that removed 12 inches of his intestines. He will be taking on Alistair Overeem, who will be making his long-awaited UFC debut. The 2010 K1 Grand Prix champion will take on Lesnar in a five round fight to determine the next contender for Junior Dos Santos's heavyweight title.Given this main event, UFC 141 will likely be one of the biggest pay per views of the year.

If this fight wasn't big enough, DJ Mark with a "K" and I, Doctor Law, decided to raise the stakes with a beard bet. This comes down to both of us backing guys that we feel do not get enough respect. It breaks down like this: I believe Brock Lesnar is unfairly being continually crapped on by the hardcore MMA fanbase. They don't like that he's a former pro wrestler, the type of fans he brings to MMA, and that he has was given a shot at the title after only 3 professional fights. These fans fail to recognize just how truly bad ass Brock Lesnar is. They tend to overlook that he is a former national champion wrestler. Also, the man deserves some serious credit for taking on such a tough opponent after such a long layoff (combined with a serious surgery).

Alistair Overeem, on the other hand deals with a lack of recognition from the common fan, the wide-spread belief that he is on steroids and perception that he only fights scrubs. DJ Mark will tell you that Overeem has arguably been the best heavyweight in the world for years. Also, while Alistair has not faced the best competition in the world yet, his skills cannot be denied given the way he destroys all of his opponents. (DJ Mark and I both have no comment on the steroid accusations).

Let's be real people, the most important part of this fight is the beard bet. I will be betting my beautiful black beard against the glorified peach fuzz that DJ Mark has on his face. Defending my honor will be the former NCAA, WWE (still counts) and UFC champion, Brock Lesnar while the former K1, Dream and Strikeforce champion will be defending DJ Mark's right to pay some sort of pitiful homage to Guy Fawlkes. It's time for these two men to reward us for our faith in them. It's very simple: if Mr. Lesnar wins, I keep my beard and if he loses, America weeps.

The stakes have never been higher people. Being the #1 contender is secondary to the true prize up for grabs on December 30. I don't like losing and I especially don't like looking like a 16 year old fat kid. Here's hoping Brock doesn't let me down.

(Trailer for the fight after the jump)

Dec 16, 2011

It's MMAzing Staff Predictions for Strikeforce: Melendez v. Masvidal

Strikeforce Lightweight Championship:
Gilbert Melendez (c) v. Jorge Masvidal

Doctor Law: Gilbert Melendez is one of the best lightweights in the world. There is no denying that. Sadly, he’s stuck in Strikeforce. It's mostly his fault…signing a 6 fight extension in February was a bad call. Masvidal is a very good lightweight and is the last legitimate challenger Gilbert has in Strikeforce. He earned this shot by beating the absolute crap out of KJ Noons. Melendez is a different animal though. He’s better than Masvidal everywhere and that will be obvious fairly quickly. Melendez by 2nd Round TKO

Kid Presentable: Gilbert faces the last credible opponent Strikeforce really has to offer him, and the guy isn't really near the top 10 as is. Game Bred is a tough fight regardless, having gone to decision at welterweight with Paul Daley and straight handling KJ Noons. Plus, his video fight training video of just playing Call of Duty and eating brownies and ice cream is MMAzing. Eh? Eh? Get it? Gilbert should take this though, provided he doesn't lose focus looking over the fence at the UFC's greener pasture. Melendez by decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: Melendez is a beast. He's one of the few top ten fighters not fighting in the UFC and has pretty much cleaned out his division in Strikeforce. He's also one of the most exciting fighters in MMA, he attacks with a non-stop pace and is always looking to finish his opponents. Jorge on the other hand is a very technical striker that is extremely tough. He's also freaking hilarious, as seen in the web series "Miami Hustle." He eats brownies and ice cream for breakfast and plays Call of Duty all day long. However, Killstreaks don't transfer over to the cage and I see Gilbert winning by 2nd Round TKO via GnP.

Lavender Gooms: This is just unfair to Gilbert. He should be fighting a top ten lightweight in the UFC already. When is Zuffa going stop this farce and just shut down Strikeforce? These two organizations are under the same umbrella, the best fighters should be in the UFC. No disrespect to Masvidal, but there is no way he beats Melendez. I would much rather see Melendez fighting Maynard or Edgar. But we play with the crappy hand we’re dealt. This fight won’t be close. Melendez by decision.

Picking Melendez: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Masvidal:

Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Championship:
Christiane Santos (c) v. Hiroko Yamanaka

Doctor Law: Cyborg Santos is going to beat this lady up. I don’t know anything about Yamanaka and it doesn’t matter. It’s going to be ugly. Cyborg by 1st Round TKO

Kid Presentable: The rule goes for Japanese mens fighters that they don't win in the states. So I am going to extrapolate that to the women as well. Hiatus or not, Cyborg is going to go H.A.M. on Yamanaka. This makes me wish I went to see Watch the Throne at the H.P. Pavilion last night. Cyborg by Beast Mode.

DJ Mark with a “K”: The 145 lb women’s division is easily the weakest in all of MMA. There is just too few top caliber fighters at this weight and Cyborg has beat them all already (outside of new prospect Ronda Rousey). It's hard not to feel bad for both fighters in this fight. For Cyborg, she is constantly being matched up with girls that have no business being in the same cage as her and for this poor Japanese woman, she's basically being sent to lion’s den, after being shot, stabbed and poisoned. Cyborg by 1st Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: Cyborg Santos is the best female fighter in MMA. She puts the hurt on ladies and she genuinely frightens me. Yamanaka is going to get destroyed. Cyborg by 2nd Round TKO.

Picking Santos: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Yamanaka:

Dec 12, 2011

UFC 140 Post Fight Thoughts and Analysis

UFC 140 wrapped up this past Saturday and if you like fights being finished, this was a good night for you. 9 of 12 fights on the night ended via knockout or submission making for an awesome action-filled card. Jon Jones defended his title for the second time now, making this a first since Chuck Liddell's reign at the top of the division several years ago.

- Jon Jones is a motherf*cking MONSTER. Since his ascent to the top I had always believed that Machida offered the most interesting matchup for Jones and for a round at least this proved to be very true. Machida's range and striking ability managed to make Jones look tentative, vulnerable, and for once, kinda human. In the second, however, Jones' went Goro on Lyoto, using his strength and grappling prowess  to put the Karate Kid to sleep.

- Hate him or love him, Jones is the best fighter on the planet. Sure he showed some vulnerability on the feet, but Lyoto is a great striker and few others will be able to replicate his blueprint. On top of ever-improving striking and an unmatchable reach, Jones' shows amazing takedowns and grappling ability. By way of his size and strength he can always simply put his opponent in a headlock when there is any sign of danger. Jones is truly the most complete fighter in the sport right now, having the ability to be dangerous wherever the fight takes place, and with the killer instinct to finish.

- Frank Mir, add another one to the collection. Mir's execution of the kimura was picture-perfect as took home the arm of Big Nog. It was a brutal end that resulted in submission of the night for Mir.

- It's actually a bit of a shame that Big Nog's night would end in such a vicious manner. His hands and head movement have actually looked the most impressive that I have seen in a long time. The way he snapped his jab and hand speed was a thing of a beauty and he quite frankly was classing Mir for a bit. The fight most likely should have been his as Mir was maybe only a couple shots on the ground from being flat lined, but Big Nog's hubris got the best of him as he went for the sub and allowed Mir to recover.

- Where his brother failed, Lil Nog shined. It seems the way your chin can be broken after a devastating strike, it appears Machida broke Tito's ability to take a knee to the body. Lil  Nog went to town with body shots on Tito gave his most impressive showing to date. Lil Nog can put on some very entertaining fights, just don't give him a wrestler. Here's to hoping for Shogun/Lil Nog 2 in the future.

- Brian Ebersole, you had been so entertaining in your first two fights. This fight, not so much.

- "...but you cant stop... the ZOMBIE." Look up this clip of Eddie Bravo, good times. But on a real note, Chan Sung Jung, I apologize for not having the faith to pick you even as I wore your shirt while watching the fights. It was a short night for Jung as he tied the official UFC record for fastest knockout. It is always impressive to say the lighter fighters who pack finishing power in their hands. I am not totally sure what comes next for Jung as the featherweight division is quite shallow. I would like to him take on Hatsu Hioki though for a potential #1 contender fight.

Dec 8, 2011

It's MMAzing Staff Predictions for UFC 140

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship:
Jon Jones (c) vs. Lyoto Machida

Doctor Law: Jon Jones is an absolute monster. He isn’t the future…he’s the present. I think he’s going to be light heavyweight champion for a very long time. When he first won the belt, I thought only two people could give him any problems: Rampage and Machida. Rampage’s path to victory was landing a big shot…and we saw how that worked out. Machida needs to play the distance game like he never has before, but Jones has like a 11 foot reach. Bones is going to grab Machida, throw him on his back and elbow the crap out of him. Jones by 3rd Round TKO.

Kid Presentable: We have a match-up of the two eras meant to reign over the light-heavyweight division according to Joe Rogan. One is the era in progress, while the other is the one that never was. I actually think the Karate Kid matches up the best with Jones of any of the existing challengers. He fights very well at range using his kicks and movement, and historically has been one of the most difficult fighters to take down. That said, Jon Jones is the Juggernaut bitch, and I don't see his freight train getting derailed now. Say what you will about the guy's personality, inside that cage he is a monster. I don't think it will be nearly as one-sided as Jones' recent fights have been, and that Machida will have his moments, but like all the others, the Dragon will fall, leading up to my most anticipated moment of the evening...when Rashad Evans ruins Jon Jones' special night for a third time. Jones by 3rd Round TKO.

DJ Mark with a "K": While it may be near impossible to like Jon Jones as a person, you have to admire him as a fighter. In a really short amount of time Jones went from promising prospect to a seemingly unstoppable machine. He has yet to face an opponent that provided any type of challenge to him, but Machida might be able to do just that. It wasn't all that long ago when people thought Machida was unstoppable. The difference between the two was that people started to figure out ways to beat Machida, either by bum rushing him guns ablaze (aka Shogun) or by closing the distance and controlling the fight (a la boring Rampage). No one can figure out a way to stop Jones and I don't think Machida has the answer. Jones by 3rd Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: This match-up of contrasting styles promises to be a good one. “The anointed one” aka Jon Jones just completely ran through Shogun and Rampage, making them look like also-rans in the division. Jones is an unpredictable freak of nature and he grows as a martial artist every time we see him in the octagon. However, Machida’s fighting style, along with the fact he routinely spars with a guy who Jones took the blueprint from (a guy by the name of Anderson Silva) means that he is more equipped than most other fighters to deal with any strange or unpredictable angles which Jones will come at him from. Even so, the reach of Jones will be enough to overcome the distance game Machida likes to fight. Fight ends with elbows to Machida’s grill. Jones by 3rd Round TKO.

Picking Jones: Dr. Law, Kid Presentable, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Machida:

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Doctor Law: A lot of people don’t like Frank Mir, but it’s hard to dispute his talents. Fantastic BJJ and an ever improving stand up game. Big Nog, on the other hand, is absolutely loved. He’s a legend and his ability to take punishment and keep going is stuff of legend. Sadly, it’s clear that the years of taking abuse have taken their toll on Minotauro. The man looks like he is 70 years old. It was awesome seeing him beat Brendan Schaub when no one gave him a shot, but I don’t see this fight going his way. Mir by 3rd Round TKO.

Kid Presentable: Few people were as ecstatic as I was when Big Nog KO'd Brendan Schaub. I believe I literally did a victory lap around the living room yelling with glee. However, I don't see this fight being all that different from the first. Sure Nog may have had a staph infection, but like Mir said, that's not what caused him to leave his chin up the whole fight. Big Nog isn't finished yet, but at this point Mir should class him. Mir by 2nd Round TKO.

DJ Mark with a "K": This is a tough one for me. I really don't have much faith in Mir and I kind of want to pick Big Nog since he has so much momentum right now. However, their first fight just sticks in my head. I want to say Big Nog can out strike him, but again the first fight comes to mind again. I want to say maybe if it hits the mat Nog can... but when's the last time Nog subbed someone? I'm going with Mir by Decision.

Lavender Gooms: Rematch fight right here folks. Both of these fighters are high level BJJ practitioners so hopefully we’re in store for a highly technical ground match. Most likely the fight will stay on the feet where I think Mir has the advantage. Sadly, Big Nog’s best days are behind him. Mir beat him before, he’ll beat him again. Mir by 2nd Round TKO.

Picking Mir: Dr. Law, Kid Presentable, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Noguiera:

Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Doctor Law: “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” is now the “The People’s Champ.” We all know there is only one People’s Champ and that’s the Rock. (Actually…Muhammad Ali was, is and always will be the People’s Champ). Anyways, this should be a fun battle between two MMA veterans. Lil Nog brings a good boxing and BJJ to the table while Tito brings his adequate stand up game along with his fantastic ground and pound. I think it’ll be a close fight, but I got Tito getting the judges’ nod. Ortiz by Decision.

Kid Presentable: Like Big Nog over Schaub, seeing Tito do the gravedigger routine after his win over Ryan Bader was a joyous moment of nostalgia. Then of course he got Tiger Knee'd in the heart by Rashad and you remembered where he is at in his career these days. Lil Nog hasn't had much recent success against wrestlers lately, but he should have all the tools to make this a long night for Tito. I look for Lil Nog to keep this standing and ultimately pick apart Ortiz with his superior boxing. Lil Nog by Decision.

DJ Mark with a "K": This has been a fight in the making for awhile. Much like the Mir v Big Nog fight I'm at a bit of a cross roads here. On one hand Ortiz hasn't been able to be consistent for years now. If he didn't beat Bader we'd probably be talking about Lil Nog v Franklin or something. However, Lil Nog has also left much to be desired dropping a handful of fights and sometimes barely getting the W in others. I think Lil Nog is the smart choice here and I think he'll pull it off but sometimes you just have to go with the underdog. Ortiz by Decision.

Lavender Gooms: Tito Ortiz would be enjoying his retirement from the UFC if not for Ryan Bader jumping into his fist. Even so, he has enjoyed resurgence in his last two fights, even getting into Dana’s good graces by taking the Evans fight on short notice. Much like his twin, Little Nog has good stand up and BJJ. However, Ortiz’s bread and butter (along with being Little Nog’s Achilles Heel) is wrestling. I see Ortiz taking Little Nog to the ground for three rounds and punching him in the face. Ortiz by Decision.

Picking Ortiz: Dr. Law, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Nogueira: Kid Presentable

Dec 7, 2011

Sometimes Less is More

Personally, as a MMA fan, its hard not to love HDnet and how they cover just about every MMA organazation not named UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator. As the sport has grown leaps and bounds over the last ten years, so has the coverage and the athletics, and I'm so grateful because if not for the awesome work HDnet has been doing covering the smaller events, I might have not known about Nick Newell.

Nick has had to face the struggles of missing his left arm from the elbow on. Most people would think that a handicap like this would make competing in any type of sporting event near impossible, however that hasn't stopped Nick. While in highschool and college Nick competed in wrestling and like so many others, he wanted to test his skills further in MMA. I would have thought that missing your left forearm and hand be a massive disadvantage for MMA, but Nick, like any good mixed martial arts, has turned his weakness into his greatest strength. During his fight last Friday with Dennis Hernandez at XFC 15, Nick showed decent stand-up, some solid wrestling and a fantastic heel-hook finish. In fact, his "handicap" played a major role in finishing the fight; with his forearm and hand missing, the nook between the bicep and elbow created a extremely tight grip around Dennis's heel. Despite trying to roll out of the submission the heel-hook was locked in and Dennis was forced to tap. As a long time Pancrase fan, I love me a good heel-hook and this one was beautiful. Nick had obviously found out that his condition helped him to better secure what is often seen as a high risk submission. Check the video of the fight after the jump along with more analysis.

GSP injured, Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit for Interim UFC Welterweight belt

 UFC president Dana White has announced on Twitter that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has torn his acl and will be out for the next year or so. Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will now meet at UFC 143 in Las Vegas for the interim title.

It is an interesting turn of events that has led to this situation. GSP and Diaz were originally set to square off at UFC 137 until Diaz no-showed a couple of press events and Dana White removed him from the fight in place of Carlos Condit. That was until of course, GSP was injured and the fight was scrapped altogether. That night however, Diaz put on an amazing display against BJ Penn and earned another shot at GSP as Condit was pushed to the side. With GSP injured once more, this love triangle for the welterweight title takes another turn as two of the most dangerous strikers will now go head to head. Will Diaz be the first Strikeforce champion able to unify a belt? Don't be scared, Carlos. 209 bitch!

Dec 6, 2011

UFC: TUF 14 Finale Post Fight Thoughts and Analysis

Hello MMAzing nation, Kid Moe...err I mean Presentable bringing you a better late than never edition of Post Fight Thoughts and Analysis. Last Saturday saw UFC and Spike TV's relationship come full circle as the final program being aired between their partnership was the season 14 finale of the platform that helped resuscitate and save a dead to rights company. What more fitting end for a groundbreaking program that involved many firsts for the sport of MMA to end with TUF's inaugural season of featherweights and bantamweights. Supporters shouting "WEC NEVER DIE!" were vindicated from this season and evening of fights as the little guys showed off  their amazing skills and incredible pace they can keep up to put on some very entertaining action. The event was main evented by the season's coaches, Michael Bisping and Jason "Mayhem" Miller, in a match that was unable however, to equal the level of the little guys they overshadowed.

Thoughts from the evening:

-Bisping looked dominant in against an over matched, and easily gassed Mayhem Miller, but where does he go from here? Despite essentially being done after the first round, Bisping looked as pillow-fisted as ever as he struggled to put away an exhausted Miller, and when the stop finally came it once again looked to be more of a result of Mayhem simply having enough than any damage Bisping was doing to him. Bisping, will seem to always be just on the cusp of having the honor of being dispatched by Anderson Silva, but likely needs one more big victory to get that chance. It's MMAzing's best guess for who is next? Demian Maia.

- What happened Mayhem? First off, we understand the Palms is quite tiny, but you promised us an electric entrance. Though Calvin Harris produces some awesome beats, just clapping your hands made us feel kind of dumb for standing up in anticipation of what you were going to do. Dana White was no fan either apparently calling this fight one of the most one-sided fights he has ever seen. That is a bit of an exaggeration as that honor in reality belongs to the champ everyone in this division is trying to chase.

- Though it was a bad showing after another one-sided beat down in his initial UFC stint against GSP, Mayhem absolutely deserves another chance. Few non-UFC fighters were able to generate the buzz and fan interest that Mayhem could and still can. Though he is going to need to be handcuffed to a treadmill for the next couple of months, I hope for and look forward to many more fun fights and awesome entrances from Mayhem

- Diego Brandao is a beast. The mini axe murderer swings everything with bad intentions and aggression that would make even the Wanderlei of the PRIDE era blush. Though he has a suspect gas tank, and not the most technically sound striking, Brandao showed an amazing chin, not even flinching as Dennis Bermudez dropped bombs on his chin, and that killer instinct he used to end all of his fights up to the finale in coming back from the brink and breaking Bermudez's arm in a hail mary arm-bar from the guard.

- The season's villain, may just end up it's biggest star. John Dodson may have been touted all season as a blown up flyweight, but his combination of speed and knockout power for this weight class might make him a contender sooner than later. The tiny Maurice Drew look a like has all the tools to become a fixture in the upper end of this division, and I look to see him fighting established contenders in the very near future.

- Somebody mix Tony Ferguson a walk-out track that starts with the audio quote "Where's your son at!" before the music kicks a la the "If you smelllll, what the Rock... is cookin!" of WWF/WWE fame. Awesome standing slug fest aside... that's all I hear in my head when I see this guy. Great fight against Yves though, I could have seen it go either way. The decision for Ferguson was in no way a robbery, but two judges scoring it a 30-27? I can think of a couple judging licenses that should be revoked immediately.

- Just about every fighter from this season will get another shot in the UFC. Because this was the first season of the lighter weight classes, the talent pool has not been mined dry, and not since the very first season of TUF will you see as many fighters become UFC mainstays as you will see from here. The small guys all showed great technical ability and knew how to put on a hell of a show.

- Oh and if you didn't already know, Marcus Brimage is pretty awesome. Go checkout his interview with Ariel Helwani already if you haven't, and if you have? Well that's why there is a replay button.

Dec 5, 2011

Marcus Brimage gives Ariel Helwani the Greatest Interview in MMA History.

"Quinton Jackson and Dragon Ball Z are the reason I do mixed martial arts. Dragon Ball Z is the greatest action anime of all time. You got all these little kids talking about Naruto. Man, f*** Naruto."

Before someone fights on The Ultimate Fighter, Spike TV always airs a couple minutes focusing on that fighter. Normally the fighter takes that time to discuss the trials and tribulations that led to him becoming a  fighter. Marcus Brimage, as you can see above, is not normal. The man chose to talk about his (and my) favorite MMA fighter and defend his favorite cartoon. Though he came up short against WEC veteran Bryan Carway, Brimage's comments remained one of the most memorable parts of the season.

Fast forward 3 months to the TUF 14 Finale. While Marcus came up short in the competition, he was invited to fight on the finale against fellow contestant Stephen Bass. Brimage showed that he had put some serious time in the gym and took a hard fought decision over Bass. Later on that evening,'s Ariel Helwani interviewed Brimage about his first UFC win and his hero, Rampage Jackson showed up. This is where it gets awesome. Analysis of the interview after the jump. (Note that it's a 12 minute me, it's worth it)

Dec 2, 2011

It's MMAzing Staff Predictions for TUF 14 Finale

Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller

Doctor Law: The rest of my colleagues think that I’m a big Bisping fan. That’s not true, I just don’t hate him. In this matchup, he has the advantage on his feet. He may have pillow hands, but he is technically superior to Mayhem. If Mayhem can somehow get this fight to the ground, he has a chance of finishing the fight. Bisping, however, is very difficult to take down and has never been submitted. I really want to pick Mayhem here and the fact that it’s a five round fight gives him a better chance of catching The Count, but I don’t see it happening. Bisping probably outstrikes him for 25 minutes. Bisping by Decision.

Kid Presentable: With only two fights in the last two years, the always entertaining Mayhem Miller finally makes it back to the big show. Standing in front of him though, is a stern test in Bisping, someone always just on the cusp of contending for a title. The key for Mayhem would be for him to use his superior grappling ability; however Bisping is among the few Englishmen with good takedown defense. I see Bisping managing to keep the fight standing, and pointing Mayhem to a decision victory, though I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one. Bisping by Decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I've been a pretty big Jason "Mayhem" Miller fan since his Superbrawl days way back when. I never understood why he wasn't invited back to the UFC after his one appearance against GSP; he's a great fighter and has character to spare. With that being said, I don't think this is a good match up for him. I see Bisping sprawling and brawling (well more like technically picking apart) till he hurts him just enough to make Miller cover up and the ref stops it. Bisping by 2nd Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: People who hate Michael Bisping say it’s because he’s rude and a certifiable tool… they are absolutely right and I love every bit of it. These guys are pretty evenly matched and both have a chip on their shoulders. I think this will be a close fight, with “The Bisping” winning a close decision. Bisping by Decision

Picking Bisping: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Miller:

Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao

Doctor Law: You can’t understand either of these guys when they talk. Brandao can’t be blamed, he’s from Brazil. Bermudez, on the other hand, sounds like he is just really stupid. Diego has a pretty simple strategy when he fights: stand with the guy and throw bombs until the other guy is unconscious. Bermudez has to get this fight to the ground and keep it there. I’m worried that Bermudez may try to stand too long, as he did in his semi-final fight against Akira Corassani, and get rocked. Hopefully he doesn’t make me look like a jackass and finishes Brandao on the ground. Bermudez by 2nd Round TKO.

Kid Presentable: Brandao is a vicious man, putting a lifetime of bad intentions behind every strike he throws. That said, it kind of causes him to gas quick. Even while pummeling Bryan Caraway on the way to the ifnals, those last few blows came a bit slower and sluggish. Bermudez, a better athlete than Caraway, should be able to secure the takedown here to wear Diego out a little bit. With a full camp behind him, I see Dennis focusing a game plan around his wrestling ability and being able to score a late TKO stoppage against Diego. Bermudez by 3rd Round TKO.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I think Diego is the more skilled and hungry fighter in this one. While Dennis showed that he has own skill set to be wary of, I think Diego brings in a lot more tools and raw aggression. To me it seems like Dennis's best chance is to just survive the first round and hope Diego tires himself out. As a general rule of thumb I don't pick fighters whose best chance of winning is using the Homer Simpson style of fighting. Brandao by 1st Round KO.

Lavender Gooms: Dennis showed good, powerful wrestling and a pretty good chin during the season. If he can weather Diego’s powerful shots and wear him down he stands a chance. But Diego is a monster and beast wrapped up in a 5’7 frame. His stand up is three parts sick, two parts fierce, with just a dash of “Oh my god!” I would love to pull for my fellow New Yorker, but Diego is a Mike mortal lock. Brandao by 1st Round KO.

Picking Bermudez: Dr. Law, Kid P
Picking Brandao: DJ Mark, Gooms

T.J. Dillashaw vs. John Dodson

Doctor Law: Good lord did Dodson come off like a douche on the show. However, he is clearly very talented and it was pretty awesome when he knocked Johnny Bedford out all the way back to Ohio. Dillashaw is one of the top prospects in the bantamweight division and is unbeaten in 4 professional fights. He has looked very impressive on the show and I think he will be able to beat Dodson. Dodson is one of the guys waiting on the 125 lb division. All 5 of his losses are by decision and I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say it was against bigger wrestlers who could control him. Expect the same here. Dillashaw by Decision.

Kid Presentable: Arguably the most even match of the night featuring a couple future mainstays in the bantamweight and possible flyweight divisions. Can Dillashaw succeed where so far everyone has failed, and manage to contain and take down Dodson? That will be the key to this match as Dodson displayed unmatched speed and precision throughout this TUF season. While I think Dillashaw is the better long term prospect, I see Dodson using his superior speed and experience to take a decision victory in what I think will be fight of the night. Dodson by Decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This is a tough one. I heard who was in the finale before I saw the last episode and I had T.J. winning this. For some reason after seeing Dodson's last match I think he's going to pull this one off. T.J. is an amazing fighter and in reality I think he's the favorite to win, but my gut’s telling me Dodson, even though he came off as a giant douche bag on the show. Dodson by 2nd Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: It’s the fight dodger versus the rat in this one folks. T.J. proclaimed himself the best 135er in the house and had a good effort in his semi-final match. But Dodson knocked poor Bedford back to the Buckeye state with his power. Dodson’s low center of gravity and ground defense cancels out T.J.’s wrestling. Dodson by Decision.

Picking Dillashaw: Dr. Law
Picking Dodson: Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms

Dec 1, 2011

Here Lies The Fight Entrances of Mayhem Miller

As a kid I loved three things about the WWF: jumps from the turnbuckle, Sable, and most of all, each wrestler's entrance. As a result, I have loved watching any fight which Mayhem Miller was a part of during his six years fighting away from the UFC. Do you want a fighter coming to the cage with a cape and mask? Here you go. Blinding tracksuits? He has them in abundance. A bevy of attractive women performing choreography (which probably needed a fair amount of rehearsal time) with him as he enters? Mayhem has you covered. Sadly, it's true what they say, all good things have to come to an end.

When Mayhem makes his entrance for his fight against Michael Bisping on December 3rd at the TUF 14 Finale, don't expect a harem of Japanese school girls dancing behind him. There is a better chance I am mistaken for a southern debutante before we see any thing of that level in the UFC. I can understand why. It's the premier MMA promition where the very best compete. So you can't, shouldn't, and won't have such antics going on and still be taken seriously...but wouldn't it be sweet if they did. Allowing elaborate entrances like Mayhem's only helps promote fighters, and entertain the casual fans which the UFC is trying so hard to attract.

On Saturday, I'm sure Mayhem will be jumping and hooting all the way to the Octagon and will probably give us a good fight against Bisping, but it just won't be the same. Sadly, with his return to the UFC we'll no longer be privileged to watch most or all of his pre-fight theatrics. It was good while it lasted.