Oct 28, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 25

The gang tries to pull an hour of MMA conversation out of their ass after arguably the most uneventful week of the year. Incredibly, they pulled it off.

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Oct 21, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 24

The gang celebrates joining the Stitcher family and then go through a number of topics including: Jones v. Sonnen on the Ultimate Fighter, the future of Strikeforce on Showtime, this week's episode of the Ultimate Fighter, Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin's PED dispute, Bellator 77 and the new fights announced by the UFC this week.

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Oct 14, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 23

The gang goes DEEP into UFC 153, breaking down Anderson's ridiculous victory over Stephan Bonnar, the middleweight champion's possible super-fights against Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones, whether Jones or GSP "need" a super-fight, Big Nog's victory over Dave Herman, Jon Fitch and Erick Silva's Fight of the Night, Glover Teixeira's destruction of Fabio Maldonado, his possible future fight against Quinton Jackson, Phil Davis's improvement as a fighter and Demian Maia choking the juice out of Rick Story's head. All that and much, much more.

Oct 12, 2012

UFC 153 Predictions

Image via UFC Facebook

Anderson Silva v. Stephan Bonnar

Doctor Law: So it’s come to this. The main event was supposed to be Aldo v. Edgar for the featherweight title, but Aldo got hit my car while on his motorcycle. The greatest fighter ever versus Stephan Bonnar sounds like a ridiculous mismatch…and it is. Whatever. I think this is going to be a fun fight. Bonnar has a good chin and keeps going forward. The second part of that statement insures that we are going to see this gentleman get knocked the f*ck out. The good chin that Bonnar possesses will make it get to the second round at least. Anderson via Death Valley Driver (probably strikes…TKO).

Kid Presentable: Was it so long ago already that people were sh*tting on Nick Diaz wanting to have a non title mega fight with Anderson, thinking he was not deserving? So we get this instead. No disrespect to Bonnar, I still get a kick every time he channels Batman and does the American Psycho pose-off. But at least they haven't been bs'ing us on what this fight is: a lopsided fight that would be a historic upset otherwise. The spot with Bonnar getting tips from Griffin on how to fight Anderson pretty much sums it up, there is no real area where Bonnar is better than Anderson. Hell, there is no area where he is even within scoring distance of Anderson. Part of me wants to think the fix is in here and Anderson is going to throw this fight, and if that happens I will say I told you so, but otherwise I expect a show for the crowd. Anderson by KO round 2

Image via cagepotato.com
DJ Mark with a “K”: In all honestly this fight makes no logical sense, however that doesn't mean it’s not a fun fight. Personally, I miss fights like this. UFC has positioned itself as a sport where only the top contenders get shots at champions but for some reason when Anderson fights at Light Heavyweight they make these type of match ups and I love it. It’s pretty much fact that Anderson is pound for pound the best fighter in the world (Jones is steadily right behind him) but since the vast majority of his fights are for his MW title he has to be carefully not to make any mistakes. Here there’s less pressure and hopefully that will result in a more relaxed Anderson and make for much more exciting fight. Add in the fact that Bonnar is just a game fighter and you have the makings of something really exciting. The end result is all but certain but in MMA you never know. Anderson by KO 3:46 into the 1st round via punches and thai clinch knee. 

Lavender Gooms: So after laughing hysterically and uncontrollably for a solid 10 minutes thinking about the prospect of Silva losing to Bonnar, thought about the what it would mean if Silva lost to Bonnar. It would be the biggest upset in the history of the sport by far. If Bonnar was somehow able to defeat Silva, I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say David’s win over Goliath has nothing on it, doesn't hold a candle to it. Of course in this alternate reality where Bonnar wins, Heroes didn't suck after one season and the Jets wouldn't disappoint me so much. Silva by decision. 

Picking Silva: Everybody…in the world
Picking Bonnar: 

Oct 4, 2012

UFC on FX 5: Browne v. Silva Predictions

Image via UFC newsletter

Travis Browne v. Antonio Silva 

Doctor Law: Two big boys going at it here. The fight is scheduled for 5 rounds, but it’s almost a guarantee that this doesn’t make it past the second round. Travis Browne is coming off of a drubbing of Chad Griggs (to the surprise of no one) and is unbeaten in his UFC career. Bigfoot Silva, on the other hand, has taken two AKA ass kickings in the past year from the hands of Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez. I wasn't as high on Travis Browne as everybody else when he first started, but he is slowly turning me around. He has good hands and is a decent wrestler. Bigfoot Silva, on the other hand, has great ground and pound and is a BJJ black belt. I think this is a close one, but I think Bigfoot finds a way to pull this one out. Bigfoot by 2nd round submission. 

Kid Presentable: The sell here is a clash of two very large heavyweights, but at the same time I am not entirely sold on either one of these guys. The only thing I am certain of in this fight as I am with all Silva fights, is that win or lose Browne will have some broken bones in his hands. Of the two I guess I am least sold on Browne as I have at least had Silva hover around the top 10 in rankings. Silva is the more well-rounded of the two and Browne has a propensity to gas. Silva believes he has the best stand up and ground game in the division much in the same sense that I believe I would be in the NBA if I were 3 inches taller(yeah, still no chance). But I still call the sub here. Bigfoot by submission 2nd round. 

Image via uproxx.com
DJ Mark with a “K”: Over the last year or so I’ve become a fan of Travis Browne. At first he just seemed like another body in the UFC Heavyweight division for the top tier guys to get some practice in with but he’s really grown on me. I think this fight is perfect for Browne as well. Bigfoot Silva has a massive dome, that’s just a fact, and Browne hits hard. I think it’s only a matter of time before he lays his right hand all over his face. The real question is, will he break his hand on his head? To me, that’s always the most interesting part of a Bigfoot Silva fight. Browne by 1st round TKO 3:38 in. 

Lavender Gooms: Antonio Silva’s greatest trait is a dome piece that has a penchant of breaking the hands of people who crack him upside that large noggin. What I’m trying to tell you by highlighting such a useless trait is….he’s not going to win. Silva has slick BJJ and can cause trouble if he gets on top. As long as Browne can avoid that, he should be able to knock Silva out and send him to a three fight losing streak. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t break a hand though. Browne by KO in the 1st round.

Picking Browne: DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Silva: Dr. Law, Kid P

Oct 1, 2012

It's MMAzing Consensus Rankings for September 2012

**Note: For an explanation of how we came to these rankings, please listen to Episode 22 of It's MMAzing Radio**
Image via cagepotato.com


1. Junior Dos Santos
2. Cain Velasquez
3. Alistair Overeem
4. Daniel Cormier
5. Fabricio Werdum
6. Frank Mir
7. Josh Barnett
8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
9. Roy Nelson
10. Stefan Struve

Light Heavyweight

1. Jon Jones
2. Dan Henderson
3. Rashad Evans
4. Mauricio Rua
5. Lyoto Machida
6. Alexander Gustafsson
7. Phil Davis
8. Ryan Bader
9. Quinton Jackson
10. Glover Teixeira


1. Anderson Silva
2. Michael Bisping
3. Chris Weidman
4. Vitor Belfort
5. Tim Boetsch
6. Yushin Okami
Image via diazbrothers.com
7. Alan Belcher
8. Mark Munoz
9. Luke Rockhold
10. Jake Shields


1. Georges St-Pierre
2. Carlos Condit
3. Nick Diaz
4. Johny Hendricks
5. Martin Kampmann
6. Jon Fitch
7. Jake Ellenberger
8. Josh Koscheck
9. Rory MacDonald
10. Nate Marquardt