Mar 21, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 3

In a very special episode, the gang talks about a slew of new fight announcements that include Michael Bisping, Jake Ellenberger, Martin Kampmann and Jose Aldo Jr. Also on this broadcast, an in depth breakdown of why Jon Jones' is so hated.

Life After Being Cut From The UFC

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There’s really no question that the UFC is the top MMA organization in the world. It’s pretty much every fighters dream to make it to the big show and get the recognition and pay they truly deserve. However, sometimes the dream just doesn’t last forever. The UFC is reserved for winners and if a fighter isn’t getting enough W’s it’s very likely they will be sent back out into the wilds of the global MMA scene. Luckily for those that have to rebuild their credibility, there are more options then ever to earn a paycheck and regain some of their luster. However, which path they choose to take is just as important as getting the wins they need.

Some fighters choose to fight on smaller, more regional MMA shows. The level of talent of these smaller shows is normally much less then what they were facing in the UFC and is seen more as tune-up fights then legitimate competition. Depending on the popularity of the fighter it’s possible to get a few wins at these lower levels and get the call to come back to the UFC, but it’s not too likely. While padding a fighter’s record will make them seem more impressive, the brass at UFC isn’t too interested in bring back a fighter that really hasn’t improved since being released. On the flip side, if a fighter loses a fight in these smaller shows the road back to the UFC is that much greater. Very few fighters released from the UFC are willing to take this path; the pay is often so much lower and the motivation so little that’s it’s the least appealing option outside of retirement.

Another option, and one more widely chosen, is to fight for a mid size national or even global MMA promotion. These promotions often have a mix of promising up and comers and more well know MMA veterans. The pay and competition are often a bit lower then what a fighter was previously getting in the UFC but is still enough to keep MMA as their sole income generator. A win or two in these shows can earn a fighter a call back in the UFC, again depending on the level of popularity of the fighter and the UFC’s need to fill a division or short notice fight. A good recent example of this is Titan Fighting Championships that recently picked up Anthony Johnson. What I like most about this choice is that it gives these smaller promotions some big drawing power. Having guys on the roster that the common fan knows will bring more eyes to the promotion and the talent that they are helping to groom. This path seems like the smartest if the fighter is willing to take a smaller paycheck in hopes that they will be brought back to the UFC. However, sometimes fighters are looking more for the bigger paycheck now, even if that means they won’t be able to go back to the UFC for a while, if ever.

The other choice is to sign with one of the bigger MMA organization. While signing with the Bellators and Strikeforces of the world will get you a bigger paycheck, they also come with longer contracts. Most big name fighters can negotiate to a short term contact with the mid level shows but the bigger shows want to have their top talent locked down for a number of fights. The level of talent of these shows is comparable with the mid to high level guys in the UFC (Doctor Law, I’m sure, would disagree). If a fighter can make it in these organizations and become a name stay for them, good money normally follows. This is, along with champion clauses in contracts, why you don’t see some of the top guys from Bellator and Strikeforce come over to the UFC. While it’s true that if you can become a champion or a big name fighter in the UFC the money will be better then these other organizations, but starting out (if not granted an immediate title shot) the money most likely will be about the same but with a shorter contract. This is why we haven’t seen Gilbert Melendez, Hector Lombard and Ben Askrin make the jump over to the UFC.

Everyone knows that right now is the absolute worst time to lose your job and MMA fighters aren’t immune to the economical problems the world is facing. However, it’s nice to know that thanks to the growing popularity of MMA, and more honestly the UFC, that getting cut doesn’t mean the end of these fighters fighting full time. With other organizations paying their fighters pretty competitive wages, there’s still some places where they can either call their new home or get some decent wins and hopefully get called back to the big show.

Mar 20, 2012

UFC on FX 4 Coming To Atlantic City...Was Vegas Booked?

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The UFC has announced that it will return to Atlantic City for the first time since 2005, way back when Andrei Arlovski was the main event and wasn't a broken shell of himself and had a chin strong enough to withstand at least a stiff breeze.

I was always told Atlantic City is a poor man's Las Vegas...and that's a pretty spot on statement. The first time I went to AC and Vegas was six months apart. When I went to AC I thought "this isn't bad"...then I went to Vegas a couple months later and thought "wow, Atlantic City is pretty shitty".

Even so, the land of jug handles, toll booths, Snooki and her demon spawn is being blessed with a main event of Clay Guida and Gray Maynard. The fight will likely be held at Revel Atlantic City, the newest casino/hotel which opens in late May. No other fights have been announced for the card as of yet, but with "The Carpenter" on tap, I might have to get the doubloons together for an AC excursion come June.

Mar 18, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 2

The gang talks about the second episode of The Ultiamte Fighter, Bellator 61, the new Bellator video game, the Rampage Jackson saga, UFC 146 and Gilbert Melendez's next opponent.

Mar 11, 2012

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 1

The VERY FIRST episode of It's MMAzing Radio. The gang talks about Bellator 60's controversial ending, the future of Bellator and Hector Lombard, the premiere of TUF Live on FX, and Rampage Jackson losing his mind

Mar 6, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Edgar/Henderson 2 confirmed.

Dana White confirmed on Twitter today that Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson would compete in a rematch of their UFC 144 bout. Henderson defeated Edgar by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46) in a modern classic, becoming the new UFC Lightweight Champion. Despite the judges scorecards and Fightmetric, the official UFC statistics provider, scoring the fight as a clear victory for Henderson, there were still some who believed that the decision should have went for Edgar.

News of the rematch puts a temporary stop to talk of Frankie Edgar moving down to challenge UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. It also appears that Anthony Pettis will have to take on one, if not two more opponents before getting his shot at the belt as, given the timing, it is likely that the winner of Nate Diaz v. Jim Miller in May will get the first shot at the winner of Frankie/Benson 2.

Mar 1, 2012

Oh Yes It’s Ladies’ Night, Oh What a Night!

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What’s really good people. As Kid Presentable said, it’s been a long hiatus. Nothing causes a lack of posting like a Diaz brother losing. This weekend there are cards from both the UFC and Strikeforce and hands down, I am definitely more excited to watch Strikeforce on Saturday. UFC on FX 2 will overall have the better fighters entering the cage and will be putting on the better card, but I can’t wait to see the Strikeforce main event on Saturday between Champion Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. And NO, it’s not because they are both attractive…ok, ok a little part of it is that, so sue me.

Many female fighters, including Miesha Tate, have commented that Rousey doesn’t deserve this title shot. That more seasoned fighters, such as Sarah Kaufmann deserve a shot at her belt before Rousey. What I say to these arguments is a resounding “eh”. Here’s why she got a title shot after such little time.

• Closed mouths don’t get fed- Gooms loves himself a brash and cocky fighter who has no filter. Rousey’s got these qualities up the yin-yang. In her interviews Rousey is well spoken, never seems flustered and always talks like her swag is at 200%. She’s been described by other female fighters as loud, crass and using her looks and mouth to vault herself in front of others who warrant it more. I don’t know about you…that just sounds like a glass of haterade. And you know what they say Ronda, “Haters gonna hate”!

• Let’s face it, who else is there? - Cyborg pissed scalding hot, so she’s out for a year. So who else are you going to give me? Coenan? Davis? Please. Tate can beat them easily. Rousey will give her a run for her money or beat her. The only person who has a serious gripe is Kaufmann, but frankly, I wouldn’t be writing a post entitled “Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night” if the main event was Tate v. Kaufmann. Hell it wouldn’t even be the main event.

• Total Domination - Let me explain to you how watching a typical Rousey fight goes down in the Gooms house. When the fight starts I put some Oodles of Noodles in the microwave for two minutes. “Ding Ding”, Rousey presses forward, other girl gets dumped on her head, Rousey grabs an arm, cue scream and tap. Fight over...and I still have to wait another minute for my noodles. She hasn’t had a fight go longer than 57 seconds and beaten all her opponents by armbar. I’m interested to see if Tate becomes victim #8.

• I couldn't care less about the fact she’s only had 4 pro fights. I’m drinking the Rousey Kool-Aid. It might take longer than a minute, but I think she grabs a limb and wins herself some new hardware. If Rousey wins this fight, she is poised to blow up into a major star.
This is the first main event featuring female fighters since Cyborg blasted Carano into making movies with Steven Soderberg and there’s genuine buzz/interest about this fight. It can do a lot in drawing in attention from the casual MMA fan to women’s MMA. I don’t care what Zuffa says, within 2 years Strikeforce will fold into the UFC. While women’s MMA isn’t deep by any stretch of the imagination, I can’t imagine Dana White not keeping a potential star/draw like Rousey.

And have you seen the promo video? Bashfulness apparently isn’t in Showtime’s vocabulary.

UFC on FX 2: Staff Predictions

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Hey there MMAzing nation! The UFC brings us a nice free card tomorrow Friday, March 2. While the main event won't do much to shakeup the welterweight standings, this FX card will kick off the four man tourney to crown the first flyweight champion of the UFC. We are without lead editor Doctor Law this week as he goes one on one with California bar exam, but good luck to our comrade, and on to the picks.

Thiago Alves v. Martin Kampmann

Kid Presentable: Stylistically this should make for a good stand up battle with Alves bringing greater power to the table, and Kamp with a more technical stand up arsenal. Alves hasn't looked that great recently while in my mind Martin has won his last three fights. Martin is incredibly tough and durable and was still standing in his last tko loss, but part of me still wants to take Alves. The man can be straight savage when he wants to turn it on. Alves by decision.

DJ Marc with a K: This is a tough fight to call. Part of me wants to pick Alves because I think he has the edge in power, but I also think Kampmann is a bit more technical on his feet. Kampmann is also the more well rounded of the two but I don’t think the fight is going to hit the canvas. I won’t be the least bit shocked if Alves tags Kampmann and is able to put him away, but I’m going with technique over power in this one. Kampmann by bloody decision.

Lavender Gooms: If I’m going to be staying in on a Friday to watch fights, the main event better not suck. I have no fear this fight is going to suck. Neither of these guys is a standout wrestler so the majority of this fight will take place standing up. Alves puts bad intentions behind every hit and this will work against him here. Kampmann has shown in the past that he can eat some hits and keep going. Alves will likely gas early on in the fight, then Kampmann will pick Pitbull apart later in the fight. Kampmann by Submission in 3rd round.

Joseph Benavidez
v. Yasuhiro Urushitani

Kid Presentable: I miss tourneys. No Bellator does not count, I miss tourneys with legit talent in them. Joekozuna is the overall favorite to become the inaugural flyweight champion of the UFC and the betting odds really show it. Joe B has been listed as high as a -1400 favorite in this fight and seeing as he was given an aging, counter-strkiking, Japanese fighter coming off a long layoff and having never fought stateside before? Well this one seems like a given. JoeB Wan Kenobi by rear naked choke round 1.

DJ Marc with a K: I like tournaments, and it’s been a damn long time since UFC had one. It’s also about time they opened up the flyweight division for the little guys. This tournament (in my eyes at least) seems like it’s a little lopsided. Both Benavidez and Johnson have not only been in “the big show” before but they have both challenged for UFC gold. This experience edge coupled with their already superb skill makes them the easy picks. Benavidez by TKO (cut) 3rd round.

Lavender Gooms: This mini-tourney for the new flyweight belt is what’s up. How often are there essentially two #1 contender fights for the same belt? JB is Team Alpha Male’s best shot to bring a title to the camp before the end of the year. And he’ll start that journey by running through Urushitani. Benavidez by Submission in 2nd round