Mar 1, 2012

Oh Yes It’s Ladies’ Night, Oh What a Night!

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What’s really good people. As Kid Presentable said, it’s been a long hiatus. Nothing causes a lack of posting like a Diaz brother losing. This weekend there are cards from both the UFC and Strikeforce and hands down, I am definitely more excited to watch Strikeforce on Saturday. UFC on FX 2 will overall have the better fighters entering the cage and will be putting on the better card, but I can’t wait to see the Strikeforce main event on Saturday between Champion Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. And NO, it’s not because they are both attractive…ok, ok a little part of it is that, so sue me.

Many female fighters, including Miesha Tate, have commented that Rousey doesn’t deserve this title shot. That more seasoned fighters, such as Sarah Kaufmann deserve a shot at her belt before Rousey. What I say to these arguments is a resounding “eh”. Here’s why she got a title shot after such little time.

• Closed mouths don’t get fed- Gooms loves himself a brash and cocky fighter who has no filter. Rousey’s got these qualities up the yin-yang. In her interviews Rousey is well spoken, never seems flustered and always talks like her swag is at 200%. She’s been described by other female fighters as loud, crass and using her looks and mouth to vault herself in front of others who warrant it more. I don’t know about you…that just sounds like a glass of haterade. And you know what they say Ronda, “Haters gonna hate”!

• Let’s face it, who else is there? - Cyborg pissed scalding hot, so she’s out for a year. So who else are you going to give me? Coenan? Davis? Please. Tate can beat them easily. Rousey will give her a run for her money or beat her. The only person who has a serious gripe is Kaufmann, but frankly, I wouldn’t be writing a post entitled “Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night” if the main event was Tate v. Kaufmann. Hell it wouldn’t even be the main event.

• Total Domination - Let me explain to you how watching a typical Rousey fight goes down in the Gooms house. When the fight starts I put some Oodles of Noodles in the microwave for two minutes. “Ding Ding”, Rousey presses forward, other girl gets dumped on her head, Rousey grabs an arm, cue scream and tap. Fight over...and I still have to wait another minute for my noodles. She hasn’t had a fight go longer than 57 seconds and beaten all her opponents by armbar. I’m interested to see if Tate becomes victim #8.

• I couldn't care less about the fact she’s only had 4 pro fights. I’m drinking the Rousey Kool-Aid. It might take longer than a minute, but I think she grabs a limb and wins herself some new hardware. If Rousey wins this fight, she is poised to blow up into a major star.
This is the first main event featuring female fighters since Cyborg blasted Carano into making movies with Steven Soderberg and there’s genuine buzz/interest about this fight. It can do a lot in drawing in attention from the casual MMA fan to women’s MMA. I don’t care what Zuffa says, within 2 years Strikeforce will fold into the UFC. While women’s MMA isn’t deep by any stretch of the imagination, I can’t imagine Dana White not keeping a potential star/draw like Rousey.

And have you seen the promo video? Bashfulness apparently isn’t in Showtime’s vocabulary.

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