May 29, 2015

UFC Fight Night 67: Condit vs Alves Predictions

Last weekend at UFC 187, we saw what the premiere organization in the young sport of MMA can do when they feel like loading up a card with quality, relevant fights, full of known quantities. This is the opposite side of that coin. The UFC continues its aggressive schedule of the last year or so to churn out another Brazil card. The formula of a single relevant fight at the top with a co-main that could probably top the pre-lims on a quality card carries on. We have two former title challengers clashing, however both have lost some luster coming off a devastating injury, or in one of the participant's case, a multitude of injuries. It may not be the clash of top 10 fighters that it once may have been billed as, but one man has a grand stage to get his career back on the right track.

Carlos Condit vs Thiago Alves

This is the lone relevant fight on this card, and I don't think it is going to be close. Alves once possessed some of the scariest striking in the division, but then again, so did Carlos Condit. Add in a significant reach and size advantage with all around better footwork and movement, and this is entirely Carlos' fight to lose. One of my lasting memories of Carlos is that he actually doesn't like his nickname of "The Natural Born Killer." He conceded he saw the movie in his teens and just thought it sounded cool, but is kind of lame in hindsight. Fortunately for him, Wikipedia thinks it's apparently verifiable enough for him to have a second nickname. The Albuquerque Bandit  by knockdown to submission.

Condit: unanimous

May 26, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 133

The gang pays their respects to the #BasedGod and then discusses the results of UFC 187: Cormier v. Johnson. They talk about Cormier's status as the New Really Disputed UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and discuss if Ryan Bader is next for him. The gang also talks about Chris Weidman's victory over Vitor Belfort and the barn burner between Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne. They next discuss the UFC Hall of Fame and make their own special announcement. The gang also does their best to preview UFC Fight Night: Condit v. Alves. All that plus another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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May 21, 2015

UFC 187: Johnson v. Cormier Predictions

What a strange trip it's been to get to UFC 187. By this point you guys know what happened. Jon Jones was going to defend his title against Rumble Johnson. Then some things (allegedly) happened and Mr. Jones was stripped of his light heavyweight championship. We now have Daniel Cormier stepping in to take Anthony Johnson for the Undisputed (as our own Lavender Gooms would say, "Come on son") UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. In the co-main event we have the long awaited matchup between Chris Weidman and "The Phenom" (or is it the "Old Lion"...or maybe the "Young Dinosaur") Vitor Belfort for the UFC Middleweight Championship. Check out our predictions below. I went 6 for 6 last week. I'm basically a very good looking version of Nostradamus.

May 19, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 132

The gang recovers from UFC Fight Morning: Edgar v. Faber and discuss the goings on of the UFC's first foray into the Philippines. They discuss the futures of Frankie Edgar, Gegard Mousasi and Neil Magny. The gang also bids farewell to Mark Munoz and discuss this past weekend's Bellator card. They then preview this weekend's huge UFC 187: Cormier v. Johnson card and make their picks. All that and another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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May 15, 2015

UFC Fight MORNING 66: Edgar vs Faber Staff Picks and Predictions

Hello everybody. Your friendly neighborhood Filipino here to bring you the action from the UFC's inaugural trip to my ancestral seat for UFC Fight Night Morning 66: Edgar vs Faber. The event will be taking place at the Mall of Asia Arena. For anyone that has never been, the Mall of Asia is a preposterously gigantic mall that is basically three malls. It is so preposterously large in fact, that I had no idea they had an arena in addition. The Philippines are known for many things such as tropical beaches, delicious food, beautiful ladies, an uncanny knack for choreographed dancing, and are additionally rabid fight fans. MMA is still in its embryonic stages in the country, but the passion and excitement for it has long been brewing if the massive crowds that GSP, more so than anything he ever received here in the States, are any indication. The Philippines needs a new hero because their last one participated in the most predictably blah fight of the century just a couple weeks ago. Will someone on this card rise to the task?

May 12, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 131

The gang welcomes Jesse from the MMA Fight Focus podcast to the show (check them out on iTunes). Together our heroes breakdown the results of UFC Fight Night: Hunt v. Miocic. They also discuss the possibility of a fighters union based on the extreme, near-universal displeasure among the fighters regarding the Reebok payouts. The gang also preview UFC Fight Night: Faber v. Edgar and make their picks. All that and another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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May 8, 2015

UFC Fight Night 65: Hunt vs. Miocic Predictions

The UFC makes a trip to the land down under which can only mean this card is loaded with as many fighters from countries in the southern Pacific Ocean that they can find.  So put a shrimp on the barbi, grab a Fosters, look out for dingos around your baby and get ready for some fights.

May 5, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 130

The gang celebrates Cinco de Mayo (not really) with a very special edition (not true) of It's MMAzing Radio. They discuss the aftermath of Jon Jones losing his belt and being suspended indefinitely. The gang also discusses the Mayweather/Pacquaio fight and its implications on MMA. They also preview UFC Fight Night: Hunt v. Miocic. All that and another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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