Jan 28, 2015

UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz Picks

One of the key match-ups for the UFC's 'The Time is Now' promotion has been the highly anticipated Super Fight between former UFC champion Anderson Silva and fan favorite Nick Diaz. The wait is just about over, but before we witness one of the most intriguing match ups in UFC history, let's break down this, and the other pay per view fights taking place at UFC 183.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz

This is a dream match up, and one that previously just seemed like a pipe dream. However, after a serious leg breaking injury for Silva, and a couple inactive years for Diaz, this match just kinda makes sense right now for the fighters and the fans. On paper this should be a great action fight as both guys like to push the pace, especially Diaz. Personally, unless Silva is just no longer the fighter he once was, I think Anderson should match up well against Diaz. I believe that Silva has the advantages in power, movement and the ability to finish the fight. That being said, some fighters just can't deal with Diaz's volume of strikes when he's at his best. If Silva is  hesitant throwing kicks because of his last injury it's not crazy to think he might just be over whelmed by Diaz's aggression. The x-­factors going into the fight are the big questions in this one. How has the injury effected Silva's offense? Will Diaz have ring rust? Either way I suspect an entertaining fight out of these two. Silva by TKO 2nd round.

Anderson Silva: Dr. Law, Kid P, Lavender Gooms, DJ Mark
Nick Diaz: we're all just a bunch of haters

Jan 27, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 117

The gang discusses the fallout from UFC on Fox: Gustafsson v. Johnson (AKA UFC on Fox: 30,000 Swedes Leave Sad). This is basically an opportunity for Lavender Gooms to gloat. They also discuss the other fights on the card including Hendo's future and Mr. Wonderful's striking deficiencies. The gang then previews UFC 183: Silva v. Diaz and all feel guilty about their picks. All that and another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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Jan 21, 2015

UFC on FOX: Gustafsson v. Johnson Picks

The UFC returns to network television with a main card taking place in Stockholm in front of a giant venue full of sleep-deprived Swedes. If they're lucky, they'll see their countryman Alexander Gustafsson earn himself a rematch with Jon Jones. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson however, has designs on knocking The Mauler's block off and taking the title shot himself.

Alexander Gustafsson v. Anthony Johnson

Rumble looking fresh to death
Did you listen to this week's episode of It's MMAzing Radio? If you didn't, well, screw you. If you did, you're well aware of my internal struggle regarding this fight. This is a very close match-up and I want very badly to pick "Rumble," but I can't bring myself to do it. Gustafsson versus Jones just needs to happen. Don't get me wrong, so does Rumble versus Jones, but now is clearly the time for Gus/Jones II. Gus got so close to taking the title from Jones back and UFC 165 and it's time to see if Jones really too him as lightly as the rumors suggest. The need for that rematch aside, I think Gus is going to be able to stick and move well enough to win this fight. Gus has fantastic movement and pinpoint striking. Rumble hits hard and is terrifying in general, but I think Gus can avoid the big shots for the first few rounds. The pace he'll set will eventually slow Rumble down. Gus takes a hard fought decision here, but I really hope I'm wrong. Gustaffson by decision.

Swedish Chef Mauler: DJ Mark, Kid P, Doctor Law
Rumble Young Man. Rumble: Lavender Gooms

Jan 20, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 116

The gang records at a brand new day & time and talk about the Conor McGregor Show. This includes Conor smoking Siver, Conor flipping off Siver, Conor jumping over the cage to confront Aldo and Conor v. Aldo making all involved a ton of money. They also discuss the remainder of the card including the close Cerrone v. Bendo fight and the ludicrous Pendrad v. Spencer decision. The gang next previews and gives their predictions on this Saturday's massive UFC on FOX: Gustafsson v. Johnson card. Also, live reaction to Jon Jones's exciting pointless Fox Sports 1 interview. All that and another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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Jan 14, 2015

UFC Fight Night: McGregor v. Siver Fight Picks and Analysis: a NOTORIOUS affair

This card has two fights I'm looking forward to....that's it.  On most nights that's a recipe for a card I don't want to watch, but that speaks to the star power that Conor McGregor possesses.  He makes a sh*t card into must-see TV.

Conor McGregor v. Dennis Siver

Are we even sure that Dennis Siver knows he's fighting this weekend?  In all the press leading up to this fight Mr. Siver has not been heard from.  Someone should make sure he bought his plane ticket and got him some fight trunks.  Everyone who fights Siver has to respect the power in his spinning back kick, but let's be real, this fight will serve as nothing more than a stepping stone for The Notorious One.  With each fight McGregor further shows what all of the hype is about and it won't be any different against a fighter who at this point in his career is more name talent than actual talent.  McGreger by TKO in 1st round. 

McGregor: All of us

Jan 12, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 115

The gang comes together to talk about Jon Jones (just like last week) and his use of cocaine (less like last week). They discuss the impact of the positive drug test on Jones' career and wish him the best (after some jokes). The gang also previews this weekend's UFC: McGregor Boston card. They also touch on the WSOF and Bellator cards this weekend before presenting one of the more random "Stuff We Like" segments in history.

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Jan 5, 2015

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 114

The gang gets together to recap UFC 182: Jones v. Cormier AKA "Wow Jon Jones is good" AKA "You mean he's just starting to take it seriously now?!" AKA "Everybody hide." They discuss Jones' place in history and where he goes from here. They also discuss to rest of the fairly lackluster card including Cerrone's rage kicks and Felder's Shonie Carter impersonation. The gang also says goodbye to a broadcasting legend and end with another episode of "Stuff We Like."

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