Jan 28, 2015

UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz Picks

One of the key match-ups for the UFC's 'The Time is Now' promotion has been the highly anticipated Super Fight between former UFC champion Anderson Silva and fan favorite Nick Diaz. The wait is just about over, but before we witness one of the most intriguing match ups in UFC history, let's break down this, and the other pay per view fights taking place at UFC 183.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz

This is a dream match up, and one that previously just seemed like a pipe dream. However, after a serious leg breaking injury for Silva, and a couple inactive years for Diaz, this match just kinda makes sense right now for the fighters and the fans. On paper this should be a great action fight as both guys like to push the pace, especially Diaz. Personally, unless Silva is just no longer the fighter he once was, I think Anderson should match up well against Diaz. I believe that Silva has the advantages in power, movement and the ability to finish the fight. That being said, some fighters just can't deal with Diaz's volume of strikes when he's at his best. If Silva is  hesitant throwing kicks because of his last injury it's not crazy to think he might just be over whelmed by Diaz's aggression. The x-­factors going into the fight are the big questions in this one. How has the injury effected Silva's offense? Will Diaz have ring rust? Either way I suspect an entertaining fight out of these two. Silva by TKO 2nd round.

Anderson Silva: Dr. Law, Kid P, Lavender Gooms, DJ Mark
Nick Diaz: we're all just a bunch of haters

Might be the last time Woodley gets to cash in that Dude Wipes check
Tyron Woodley vs. Kelvin Gastelum 

This fight is a big test for Kelvin who has been on a bit of a tear since winning the Ultimate Fighter a couple years ago. Kelvin has continued to improve and look better and better with each fight, but Woodley is a serious contender and the toughest opponent Kelvin will have faced. Woodley himself has had a somewhat up and down career within the Octagon, scoring some big wins but also losing some key fights that would have likely earned him a title shot. This is a tough fight to call and I can really see it going either way. I tossed the coin and this time it lands for Woodley. Woodley by split dec.

Tyron Woodley: DJ Mark
Kelvin Gastelum: Dr. Law, Kid P, Lavender Gooms

Joe Lauzon vs. Al Iaquinta 

Yet another tough fight to pick. Both fighters are coming off two wins in a row and they both looked good doing it. The one factor that I think a lot of people are looking at is just the wear and tear Joe has to have gone through the last couple of years. The guy fights often and hard, it's only natural to start to wonder when all the strain on his body is going to start effecting his ability to keep up his extremely fast pace. Al on the other hand really seems to be coming into his own. Earlier we saw him lose some fights that on paper he should have won, however he seems to have tightened up some of his previous short comings. This should be an exciting and evenly contested fight, but when its all said and done I have Al getting the nod.

Iaquinta: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark
Lauzon: Lavender Gooms 

Thales Leites vs Tim Boetsch 

For myself this might be the low end of the card. I'm not saying that neither guy is worthy of being on the card, but of all the fights I can see this one being a little lackluster. That being said, Leites has been doing really well since returning to the UFC and has even been getting it done with his striking which is a little surprising. Boetsch has had a rocky last couple of years lacking the consistency he needs to really make a name for himself. Personally, I’m going with Leites on this one more so because I've generally been impressed with his improvements while I've been a little weary of Boetsch in general.  Leites by dec.

Leites: DJ Mark, Kid P
Boetsch: Dr. Law, Lavender Gooms

Jordan Mein vs Thiago Alves 

Generally the opening bout of a UFC pay per view is a fight which should produce a lot of action and I think this match up will do just that. Both fighters tend to like to stand and throw down till there opponent just wilts under the pressure. I think the major differences here are that Mein is a little more aggressive and throws more, but Alves is a little more technical and has the power advantage between the two. I think Alves is going to be able to find some holes in Mein's stand up game and exploit them to a KO finish. Alves KO 1st round. 

Alves: Dr. Law, Lavender Gooms, DJ Mark
Mein: Kid P

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