Apr 28, 2014

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 83

The gang finally gets to record a podcast of normal length. Actually the way things have been going in 2014, the extended podcasts seem like the new normal. Regardless, the boys break down UFC 172 and Jon Jones' dominating performance. They discuss the upcoming rematch of Jones v. Gustafsson and also look at a new contender in the LHW division: Mr. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson. The gang also takes you through the rest of the fantastic card and Doctor Law complains about MMA sites. Finally, another edition of "Stuff We Like."

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Apr 21, 2014

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 82

The gang gives you another episode that is too long. It's not their fault...there are simply too many MMA events each week to cover in 1 hour. They recap UFC on FOX: Werdum v. Browne, the TUF Finale, and the premiere of TUF 19. On top of that, you get the Bellator minute. After that, they preview this weekend's huge fight between Jon "Bones" Jones and Glover Teixeira. Finally, another thrilling edition of "Stuff We Like."

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Apr 14, 2014

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 81

The gang presents a super-sized episode for you this week. They recap UFC Fight Night: Nogueira v. Nelson, Bellator 116, Glory 15 and the Pacquiao/Bradley rematch. That's right. All of that. They also give you their thoughts on Rousey, Shields and the Diaz brothers. The gang then previews both the TUF Finale: Bisping v. Kennedy and UFC on Fox: Browne v. Werdum cards. Finally, an edition of "Stuff We Like." Strap in folks. This episode brings it all.

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Apr 7, 2014

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 80

The gang comes together and takes another crack at episode 80 (congratulations if you got the tainted version; it's super rare now). They talk about a Bellator card that none of them watched and talk about the news of the week, including the likelihood of a Gina Carano v. Ronda Rousey fight. The gang also previews UFC Fight Night: Nogueira v. Nelson and wager is made between Doctor Law and DJ Mark. Finally, another edition of "Stuff We Like" and a review of GSP's performance in the Captain America: Winder Soldier.

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