Mar 1, 2012

UFC on FX 2: Staff Predictions

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Hey there MMAzing nation! The UFC brings us a nice free card tomorrow Friday, March 2. While the main event won't do much to shakeup the welterweight standings, this FX card will kick off the four man tourney to crown the first flyweight champion of the UFC. We are without lead editor Doctor Law this week as he goes one on one with California bar exam, but good luck to our comrade, and on to the picks.

Thiago Alves v. Martin Kampmann

Kid Presentable: Stylistically this should make for a good stand up battle with Alves bringing greater power to the table, and Kamp with a more technical stand up arsenal. Alves hasn't looked that great recently while in my mind Martin has won his last three fights. Martin is incredibly tough and durable and was still standing in his last tko loss, but part of me still wants to take Alves. The man can be straight savage when he wants to turn it on. Alves by decision.

DJ Marc with a K: This is a tough fight to call. Part of me wants to pick Alves because I think he has the edge in power, but I also think Kampmann is a bit more technical on his feet. Kampmann is also the more well rounded of the two but I don’t think the fight is going to hit the canvas. I won’t be the least bit shocked if Alves tags Kampmann and is able to put him away, but I’m going with technique over power in this one. Kampmann by bloody decision.

Lavender Gooms: If I’m going to be staying in on a Friday to watch fights, the main event better not suck. I have no fear this fight is going to suck. Neither of these guys is a standout wrestler so the majority of this fight will take place standing up. Alves puts bad intentions behind every hit and this will work against him here. Kampmann has shown in the past that he can eat some hits and keep going. Alves will likely gas early on in the fight, then Kampmann will pick Pitbull apart later in the fight. Kampmann by Submission in 3rd round.

Joseph Benavidez
v. Yasuhiro Urushitani

Kid Presentable: I miss tourneys. No Bellator does not count, I miss tourneys with legit talent in them. Joekozuna is the overall favorite to become the inaugural flyweight champion of the UFC and the betting odds really show it. Joe B has been listed as high as a -1400 favorite in this fight and seeing as he was given an aging, counter-strkiking, Japanese fighter coming off a long layoff and having never fought stateside before? Well this one seems like a given. JoeB Wan Kenobi by rear naked choke round 1.

DJ Marc with a K: I like tournaments, and it’s been a damn long time since UFC had one. It’s also about time they opened up the flyweight division for the little guys. This tournament (in my eyes at least) seems like it’s a little lopsided. Both Benavidez and Johnson have not only been in “the big show” before but they have both challenged for UFC gold. This experience edge coupled with their already superb skill makes them the easy picks. Benavidez by TKO (cut) 3rd round.

Lavender Gooms: This mini-tourney for the new flyweight belt is what’s up. How often are there essentially two #1 contender fights for the same belt? JB is Team Alpha Male’s best shot to bring a title to the camp before the end of the year. And he’ll start that journey by running through Urushitani. Benavidez by Submission in 2nd round

Demetrious Johnson v. Ian McCall

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Kid Presentable: Mighty Mouse is the "other" number one contender who most thought would immediately fight Benavidez for the strap, but in order to legitimize the new division the UFC has also brought in the reigning number one flyweight in the world in Ian McCall. McCall is a very good wrestler himself and has one of the baddest mustaches in the game. Dominic Cruz who defeated both these men at bantamweight recently said he thinks McCall's wrestling game will overpower mighty mouse, and since I can't bring myself to bet against the stache, I agree. McCall by decision.

DJ Marc with a K:From the very little I know about Ian McCall he seems like a really interesting fighter. I love his look and I think it’s great how this new division will already have some character. However, I still haven’t seen Ian fight and I’m not going to guess that he’s at the same level that Johnson is. Johnson by decision.

Lavender Gooms: Here he comes to save the day! With Mighty Mouse finally at the weight where he should be, he’ll be on his way. On another note, Mighty Mouse is a much underappreciated superhero. Just doesn’t get the cred and respect a super-powered mouse deserves. Johnson by Unanimous Decision.

Court McGee vs. Constantinos Philippou

Kid Presentable: Court has been a really chill dude the last seven times I have seen him. Can't stop running into this guy it seems, but he just hasn't been that remarkable of a prospect/TUF winner. Yang nearly put him out in his last fight before he gassed bad, and Philippou packs power. Greece by TKO round 2.

DJ Marc with a K: This one will be a fun fight. McGee always comes to put a beat down on his opponent and I really respect that. The same can be said about Philippou, these guys are fighters and when they get in the octagon I’m expecting a good tough fight. I’m giving McGee the edge here, McGee by TKO 2nd Round.

Lavender Gooms: I’ve always liked and rooted for Court McGee. Anytime someone can overcome an addiction (especially one like Heroin) and turn their life around like McGee has, they are playing with house money. He’ll need that positive attitude because Philippou is going to hand out an early KO and give McGee his first loss in the UFC. Greece will rejoice and forget they’re bankrupt for a night. Philippou by KO in 1st round.

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