Oct 4, 2012

UFC on FX 5: Browne v. Silva Predictions

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Travis Browne v. Antonio Silva 

Doctor Law: Two big boys going at it here. The fight is scheduled for 5 rounds, but it’s almost a guarantee that this doesn’t make it past the second round. Travis Browne is coming off of a drubbing of Chad Griggs (to the surprise of no one) and is unbeaten in his UFC career. Bigfoot Silva, on the other hand, has taken two AKA ass kickings in the past year from the hands of Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez. I wasn't as high on Travis Browne as everybody else when he first started, but he is slowly turning me around. He has good hands and is a decent wrestler. Bigfoot Silva, on the other hand, has great ground and pound and is a BJJ black belt. I think this is a close one, but I think Bigfoot finds a way to pull this one out. Bigfoot by 2nd round submission. 

Kid Presentable: The sell here is a clash of two very large heavyweights, but at the same time I am not entirely sold on either one of these guys. The only thing I am certain of in this fight as I am with all Silva fights, is that win or lose Browne will have some broken bones in his hands. Of the two I guess I am least sold on Browne as I have at least had Silva hover around the top 10 in rankings. Silva is the more well-rounded of the two and Browne has a propensity to gas. Silva believes he has the best stand up and ground game in the division much in the same sense that I believe I would be in the NBA if I were 3 inches taller(yeah, still no chance). But I still call the sub here. Bigfoot by submission 2nd round. 

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DJ Mark with a “K”: Over the last year or so I’ve become a fan of Travis Browne. At first he just seemed like another body in the UFC Heavyweight division for the top tier guys to get some practice in with but he’s really grown on me. I think this fight is perfect for Browne as well. Bigfoot Silva has a massive dome, that’s just a fact, and Browne hits hard. I think it’s only a matter of time before he lays his right hand all over his face. The real question is, will he break his hand on his head? To me, that’s always the most interesting part of a Bigfoot Silva fight. Browne by 1st round TKO 3:38 in. 

Lavender Gooms: Antonio Silva’s greatest trait is a dome piece that has a penchant of breaking the hands of people who crack him upside that large noggin. What I’m trying to tell you by highlighting such a useless trait is….he’s not going to win. Silva has slick BJJ and can cause trouble if he gets on top. As long as Browne can avoid that, he should be able to knock Silva out and send him to a three fight losing streak. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t break a hand though. Browne by KO in the 1st round.

Picking Browne: DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Silva: Dr. Law, Kid P

Jake Ellenberger v. Jay Hieron 
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Doctor Law: 30 minutes. That’s how long I had to stare at this before I came up with anything to write. Marc once told me, “no one can bore up a fight quite like Jay Hieron.” The man speaks the truth. That being said, I think Hieron is the uncrowned Bellator welterweight champion. Ellenberger is looking to bounce back from beating up Martin Kampmann for 1 round, getting tired, then getting knocked the f*ck out. The man seriously needs to work on his tank. This is a rematch of an IFL fight from 6 years ago that Hieron took. I think Jake finds a way to get it done despite getting tired again around the 7 minute mark. Ellenberger by decision. 

Kid Presentable: Hieron is Ellenberger's first career loss, but that seems like a lifetime ago. Jake is no longer on the verge of contending for a title, but he has definitely arrived as an upper tier welterweight. Hieron is a tough grinder though, so he will put up a really good fight, especially with Jake's tendency to fade later in the fight. This fight should likely play out how most Jake fights do with him taking the lead early in the fight, then Hieron finishing strong with a spirited ending to the bout. Jake will likely take a decision here, but if not, it means that there will be another good opportunity for the sad Ellenberger gif. That's your cue to post it now Bob. Jake by decision.

DJ Mark with “K”: The cancelation of UFC 151 pretty much sucked for everyone, however I’m glad that all the fights were able to be saved, even if this one doesn’t excite me all that much. Hieron never really did much for me even though I think he’s a pretty decent fighter. On the other hand I’ve grown to like Ellenberger more and more over his last few fights. I think Ellenberger gets the nod here but like everyone else I’m expecting him to gas in the third which might give Hieron a chance to steal it away. Ellenberger by unanimous decision (29-28 all three judges). 

Lavender Gooms: Since their first fight in 2006, Ellenberger has evolved into one of the best welterweights in the world. Jake will come into the cage pissed after having his six fight winning streak snapped and having his road to the title stalled. He makes a statement on Hieron’s face Friday. Ellenberger by KO in the 2nd round

Picking Ellenberger: All of us
Picking Hieron: 

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John Dodson v. Jussier “Formiga” da Silva

Doctor Law: So this dude is just going to change his name from Jussier da Silva to Jussier Formiga? Has he adopted his nickname (the Ant) as his last name because he thinks that American fans have enough “Silvas” to think about without him adding to the confusion? Either way, Jussier is a serious threat to newly crown champ Demtrious Johnson’s title. Dodson is ridiculously quick and has some serious power in this hands. I’ve only seen Jussier fight a handful of times, but it’s fairly obvious to everyone that his path to victory includes taking Dodson to the ground and catching him in a submission. I think this is going to be a close one, but the UFC octagon jitters will have another victim. Dodson by decision

Kid Presentable: Dodson is the one guy who might rival Mighty Mouse for in cage speed and quicks. Formiga is a newcomer and absolute unknown to most people which is unfortunate considering he is probably the 4th best guy in this division. Formiga's lone loss comes to Ian McCall who I would likely take over Dodson in a fight, sure MMA math seldom works out, but I'm going to apply it anyways. Dodson came out of his season of TUF looking like a sure fire future star, which he very well could be, but looking at his record he's still fairly beatable. History shows octagon jitters getting to most fighters in their UFC debut's but I see Formiga taking this fight. Da Silva by decision. 

DJ Mark with a “K”: I’m not going to front, I don’t know much about Jussier Da Silva. What I do know is that he’s been ranked highly in the 125 division for a while now. Dodson however I do know and have really enjoyed his performances inside the octagon. Dodson is going to have the advantage of having fought in the UFC before were Jussier will be making his debut. While it’s great to have that monkey of his back I don’t think it’ll be enough to get the W here. Jussier by Rear Naked Choke 2nd round 3:15 in. 

Lavender Gooms: Hide ya kids, hide ya wives! Wait what, that’s a different Dodson? Now I feel like an idiot. Anyways, the winner of this fight gets the first shot at Mighty Mouse’s newly minted flyweight belt. In Dodson, this is the chance for a TUF alum to be a title contender since Rashad knocked Forrest out (not counting Matt Serra...TUF 4 doesn't count). Formiga (Da Silva…whatever he calls himself) while an excellent grappler can’t touch the speed and athleticism of Dodson. Dodson by decision. 

Picking Formiga: Kid P, DJ Mark
Picking Dodson: Dr. Law, Gooms

Josh Neer v. Justin Edwards 
How sick was this?

Doctor Law: I really don’t understand why this fight is on the main card. Honestly, Jeremy Stephens vs. Yves Edwards is going to be a bad ass fight and should be on FX. Anyways, I promised on this week’s podcast that I was going to throw in the awesome Darren Uyenoyama beating up Kid Yamamoto gif so there it is. Bay Area represent (Darren is from SF). Anyways, I think Neer takes this because I like him more. Neer by 2nd round submission 

Kid Presentable: Not relevant. No name value. No implications for anything, but hey it should be a fun fight. Though it's being applied to a lot of guys it seems like these days, Neer is the original "other" Diaz brother. He will come to fight, and it will likely be a show, and what else are you going to ask for on a free tv Friday fight card. Edwards is a respectable grappler, but he lost to Clay Harvison and that season of TUF sucked. Neer by bloody decision. 

DJ Mark with a “K”: I like Neer, he’s like the water downed version of the Diaz brothers. Kinda like when you’re watching a solid R rated flick on basic cable. It’s still good but it doesn’t have anything on the original film. That being said, I think he’ll get the win here and will look good doing it. Neer 3rd round submission 1:27 in. 

Lavender Gooms: Edwards has only one in his last three and hasn’t been exactly titillating in any of those fights. Neer on the other hand brings it which I love. Edwards employs good wrestling but is worse than Neer everywhere else. Easy one to call. Neer by decision 

Picking Neer: All of us
Picking Edwards:

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  1. I agree with your predictions but I think Bigfoot vs. Browne could turn into a snooze fest if it goes past the 2nd round, which is why I wish it wasn’t a 5 rounder. Still though, overall this looks like a great card. I’m even more excited because this will be the first UFC party I’m having in my new house. I always wanted to host some get togethers like this but never really had the room, nor have I had HD until now. But one of my coworkers at DISH talked me into upgrading and getting HD Free for Life when I moved. I’ve seen HD TVs in stores and at friends houses, but it’s different somehow, and better, when the 1080p plasma set is glowing in your own living room. I watched some replays the other night and I could see every detail. I love it.