Dec 1, 2011

Here Lies The Fight Entrances of Mayhem Miller

As a kid I loved three things about the WWF: jumps from the turnbuckle, Sable, and most of all, each wrestler's entrance. As a result, I have loved watching any fight which Mayhem Miller was a part of during his six years fighting away from the UFC. Do you want a fighter coming to the cage with a cape and mask? Here you go. Blinding tracksuits? He has them in abundance. A bevy of attractive women performing choreography (which probably needed a fair amount of rehearsal time) with him as he enters? Mayhem has you covered. Sadly, it's true what they say, all good things have to come to an end.

When Mayhem makes his entrance for his fight against Michael Bisping on December 3rd at the TUF 14 Finale, don't expect a harem of Japanese school girls dancing behind him. There is a better chance I am mistaken for a southern debutante before we see any thing of that level in the UFC. I can understand why. It's the premier MMA promition where the very best compete. So you can't, shouldn't, and won't have such antics going on and still be taken seriously...but wouldn't it be sweet if they did. Allowing elaborate entrances like Mayhem's only helps promote fighters, and entertain the casual fans which the UFC is trying so hard to attract.

On Saturday, I'm sure Mayhem will be jumping and hooting all the way to the Octagon and will probably give us a good fight against Bisping, but it just won't be the same. Sadly, with his return to the UFC we'll no longer be privileged to watch most or all of his pre-fight theatrics. It was good while it lasted.

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