Dec 27, 2011

209 Bitch! It's Nate Diaz's Time to Shine

It’s MMAzing continues its preview of UFC 141. Up next, our take on Nate Diaz who takes on Donald Cerrone in the co-main event on December 30th.

Hands down my favorite athletes to root for aren’t the Tim Tebow types. Their “aw shucks” demeanor more often than not is just a front for the media (not in Tebow’s case, that dude is Jesus on the gridiron). My favorites are the types who it all out there and seem to truly dislike their opponents. So naturally I love the Diaz brothers.

Last February, my boys and I went to Vegas and I got to meet Nate Diaz at an autograph signing. Considering this is the guy who flipped off an opponent while in a triangle choke and I half expected to meet someone who would be mean mugging the whole time. Surprisingly, the dude was cool as hell; laughing at my jokes about how he whooped Marcus Davis and taking pictures with me and my people. I liked Nate Diaz before that day, that day made me a huge fan.

Although he has not yet reached his older brother’s level of fame, I feel Nate has a chance to become a bigger star than Nick. While he also possesses the “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude and a general contempt for anyone who is a potential opponent. Unlike his brother, he is more comfortable in front of the camera, and is more articulate in a post fight interview or in hyping a fight. He possesses the ability to “play the game” that UFC president Dana White loves to say Nick needs to at least do a little to become a star.

This Saturday he faces Donald Cerrone, who’s been a beast since coming over from the WEC, winning four times in 2011 alone. For both men, this is the biggest fight in their careers. This is the first co-main event match for either fighter, coming on a card that’s sure to have a lot of eyeballs watching with the main event featuring the immensely popular Brock Lesnar. A victory for either of these men will leave either of them at most a fight or two away from challenging for the belt.

“Cowboy” is one of the best strikers in the lightweight division and will no doubt be the best striker Diaz has faced in his career. Diaz is a far more advanced BJJ practitioner than Cerrone and has the advantage if it goes to the ground. Diaz displayed the best striking of his career in his last fight against Gomi, but I still have to give the edge in striking to Cerrone. However, there are two things in life that I’m certain of: it’s not wise to upset a Wookie and Diaz brothers have granite chins. Diaz likely will keep this fight standing to prove his striking is better than Cerrone’s so there is a 110% chance this will be Fight of the Night.

Also worth noting, I’m looking forward to see which one of these Grizzly Adams wannabes is going to lose their beards. I’ve seen Doctor Law without facial hair, it’s not a pretty sight. So naturally, I’m rooting for DJ Mark with a K.

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