Dec 2, 2011

It's MMAzing Staff Predictions for TUF 14 Finale

Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller

Doctor Law: The rest of my colleagues think that I’m a big Bisping fan. That’s not true, I just don’t hate him. In this matchup, he has the advantage on his feet. He may have pillow hands, but he is technically superior to Mayhem. If Mayhem can somehow get this fight to the ground, he has a chance of finishing the fight. Bisping, however, is very difficult to take down and has never been submitted. I really want to pick Mayhem here and the fact that it’s a five round fight gives him a better chance of catching The Count, but I don’t see it happening. Bisping probably outstrikes him for 25 minutes. Bisping by Decision.

Kid Presentable: With only two fights in the last two years, the always entertaining Mayhem Miller finally makes it back to the big show. Standing in front of him though, is a stern test in Bisping, someone always just on the cusp of contending for a title. The key for Mayhem would be for him to use his superior grappling ability; however Bisping is among the few Englishmen with good takedown defense. I see Bisping managing to keep the fight standing, and pointing Mayhem to a decision victory, though I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one. Bisping by Decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I've been a pretty big Jason "Mayhem" Miller fan since his Superbrawl days way back when. I never understood why he wasn't invited back to the UFC after his one appearance against GSP; he's a great fighter and has character to spare. With that being said, I don't think this is a good match up for him. I see Bisping sprawling and brawling (well more like technically picking apart) till he hurts him just enough to make Miller cover up and the ref stops it. Bisping by 2nd Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: People who hate Michael Bisping say it’s because he’s rude and a certifiable tool… they are absolutely right and I love every bit of it. These guys are pretty evenly matched and both have a chip on their shoulders. I think this will be a close fight, with “The Bisping” winning a close decision. Bisping by Decision

Picking Bisping: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Miller:

Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao

Doctor Law: You can’t understand either of these guys when they talk. Brandao can’t be blamed, he’s from Brazil. Bermudez, on the other hand, sounds like he is just really stupid. Diego has a pretty simple strategy when he fights: stand with the guy and throw bombs until the other guy is unconscious. Bermudez has to get this fight to the ground and keep it there. I’m worried that Bermudez may try to stand too long, as he did in his semi-final fight against Akira Corassani, and get rocked. Hopefully he doesn’t make me look like a jackass and finishes Brandao on the ground. Bermudez by 2nd Round TKO.

Kid Presentable: Brandao is a vicious man, putting a lifetime of bad intentions behind every strike he throws. That said, it kind of causes him to gas quick. Even while pummeling Bryan Caraway on the way to the ifnals, those last few blows came a bit slower and sluggish. Bermudez, a better athlete than Caraway, should be able to secure the takedown here to wear Diego out a little bit. With a full camp behind him, I see Dennis focusing a game plan around his wrestling ability and being able to score a late TKO stoppage against Diego. Bermudez by 3rd Round TKO.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I think Diego is the more skilled and hungry fighter in this one. While Dennis showed that he has own skill set to be wary of, I think Diego brings in a lot more tools and raw aggression. To me it seems like Dennis's best chance is to just survive the first round and hope Diego tires himself out. As a general rule of thumb I don't pick fighters whose best chance of winning is using the Homer Simpson style of fighting. Brandao by 1st Round KO.

Lavender Gooms: Dennis showed good, powerful wrestling and a pretty good chin during the season. If he can weather Diego’s powerful shots and wear him down he stands a chance. But Diego is a monster and beast wrapped up in a 5’7 frame. His stand up is three parts sick, two parts fierce, with just a dash of “Oh my god!” I would love to pull for my fellow New Yorker, but Diego is a Mike mortal lock. Brandao by 1st Round KO.

Picking Bermudez: Dr. Law, Kid P
Picking Brandao: DJ Mark, Gooms

T.J. Dillashaw vs. John Dodson

Doctor Law: Good lord did Dodson come off like a douche on the show. However, he is clearly very talented and it was pretty awesome when he knocked Johnny Bedford out all the way back to Ohio. Dillashaw is one of the top prospects in the bantamweight division and is unbeaten in 4 professional fights. He has looked very impressive on the show and I think he will be able to beat Dodson. Dodson is one of the guys waiting on the 125 lb division. All 5 of his losses are by decision and I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say it was against bigger wrestlers who could control him. Expect the same here. Dillashaw by Decision.

Kid Presentable: Arguably the most even match of the night featuring a couple future mainstays in the bantamweight and possible flyweight divisions. Can Dillashaw succeed where so far everyone has failed, and manage to contain and take down Dodson? That will be the key to this match as Dodson displayed unmatched speed and precision throughout this TUF season. While I think Dillashaw is the better long term prospect, I see Dodson using his superior speed and experience to take a decision victory in what I think will be fight of the night. Dodson by Decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This is a tough one. I heard who was in the finale before I saw the last episode and I had T.J. winning this. For some reason after seeing Dodson's last match I think he's going to pull this one off. T.J. is an amazing fighter and in reality I think he's the favorite to win, but my gut’s telling me Dodson, even though he came off as a giant douche bag on the show. Dodson by 2nd Round TKO.

Lavender Gooms: It’s the fight dodger versus the rat in this one folks. T.J. proclaimed himself the best 135er in the house and had a good effort in his semi-final match. But Dodson knocked poor Bedford back to the Buckeye state with his power. Dodson’s low center of gravity and ground defense cancels out T.J.’s wrestling. Dodson by Decision.

Picking Dillashaw: Dr. Law
Picking Dodson: Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms

Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards

Doctor Law: Make no mistake about it, Yves Edwards is a legend. The Thugjitsu Master (this nickname is why he’s a legend) was the uncrowned champion at 155 lbs back when the UFC didn’t have a lightweight championship. Here’s the problem: I was pretty sure Sam Stout killed him back in June at UFC 131. Tony Ferguson has looked very impressive so far in the UFC. After finishing all of his opponents on the show, he KO’d Ramsey Nijem and broke Aaron Riley’s jaw in one round. I see Ferguson getting a late finish on Edwards. Ferguson by 3rd Round TKO.

Kid Presentable: Tony "Where's your son at?" Ferguson takes on Yves "I'm the reason Sam Stout got to keep his nickname" Edwards in what should make for a good slugfest. Two lightweights that have good power in their hands should result in someone getting their hand raised due to a TKO/KO finish. That said, at this point in their careers, Ferguson just represents the younger, faster, and more heavy fisted fighter of the two and should take another step forward in his career on this night. Ferguson by KO.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This is an exciting match up. I've been really impressed with Ferguson and think he can be a contender in the most stacked division in the world. Yves has always been a favorite of mine, but I think his time at the highest level is limited. If Ferguson can use angles and his quick hands I think he'll get the best of Edwards. Ferguson by Decision.

Lavender Gooms: Ferguson is a long fighter with amazing cardio and has decent leg kicks. Edwards’ best days are probably behind him. Easy knockout victory for Ferguson. Ferguson by 2nd Round KO.

Picking Ferguson: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Edwards:

Johnny Bedford vs. Louis Gaudinot

Doctor Law: I saw Gaudinot walking around at UFC 139. He is a very small man. Quite frankly, it was great to see a cage fighter that I was much bigger than. He’s one of those guys waiting for the UFC to open up the 125 lb class. Until then, he’s going to have deal with fighting guys much bigger than him. Unfortunately for him, they don’t make bantamweights much bigger than Johnny Bedford. Mini-Fitch, as Kid Presentable calls him, is simply going to be too big for Louis to handle. Gaudinot is tough though, so I don’t see him getting finished. Bedford by Decision.

Kid Presentable: I will be very appreciative if Gaudinot comes out to the Oompa Loompa song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Though likable and entertaining fighter, Bedford's size advantage might be too much for Louis to overcome as he does not possess the speed and scrambling ability Dodson used to stifle Bedford's attempts. On this night the mini-Fitch look alike will take a unanimous decision. Bedford by Decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: I like Johnny in this fight. If he can use his height advantage correctly I think he can frustrate Louis and break him mentally. Louis is a fireball of a fighter and this type of guy can often make me look like a genius or a complete MMA noob, I'm hoping for the former in this one. Bedford by Decision.

Lavender Gooms: I like what I saw from Bedford in his three fights in the house. I wasn’t impressed by what I saw from the man with the Leprechaun hair in his fights. Bedford will take Gaudinot’s back after tapping him on the chin for two rounds. Bedford by 2nd Round Submission.

Picking Bedford: Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Gaudinot:

Staff Standings
1. Doctor Law: 7-0 (1.000)
2. Lavender Gooms: 6-1 (.857)
3. DJ Mark with a “K”: 4-3 (.571)
4. Kid Presentable: 2-5 (.286)

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  1. terrible percentage off the bat... thats what i get for picking upsets over what i actually think will happen.