Jul 10, 2015

The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale: Ellenberger vs. Thompson

Between Invicta on Thursday, UFC 189 on Saturday and then the TUF finale on Sunday, there are alot of fights packed into a weekend.  Ladies and gentlemen we need to be serious for second.  By the time McGregor has dispatched of Mendes, Stef and Marc have downed about six yard drinks each, Phil has had his share of birthday celebrations, and Bobby tries to find another girl who looks like Bellatrix Lestrange, it's going to be the middle night on Sunday with but a few hours before the morning sun peaks over the horizon, signaling the end of a long weekend.  Well at least in a normal weekend because for some reason the UFC has booked another card IN THE SAME CITY less than 16 hours later.  What type of hungover, half empty arena are they expecting these guys to be fighting in front of?  It's as if six months ago due to a clerical error they double booked MGM grand for the 11th and 12th and couldn't get out of the rental and thought "fuck it, we'll just have two cards back to back." The main event should be entertaining and we will be seeing the UFC debut of the former Invicta atomweight champion Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson who already owns a victory over recent title contender Jessica Penne.  I'm making these picks quick and dirty. If you want to hear a break down of the main event, download and listen to our latest podcast.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Stephen Thompson - Ellenberger
Hayder Hassan vs. Kamaru Usman - Hassan
Michael Graves vs. Vicente Luque - Graves
Cezar Ferreira vs. Jorge Masvidal - Masvidal
Angela Magana vs. Michelle Waterson - Waterson
Maximo Blanco vs. Mike De La Torre - De La Torre

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