May 13, 2016

UFC 198: Werdum v. Miocic Picks and Predictions

UFC 198, or "Brazil's UFC 200" goes down this Saturday in Curitiba Brazil.  It's a veritable who's-who of Brazilian stars in MMA which is headlined UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum putting his belt on the line against Stipe Miocic.  The Brazilian star-studded event took a huge hit when it lost Anderson Silva to injury earlier in the week but card is still packed and will make for good eyeball watching this weekend.

UFC Heavyweight Championship
Fabricio Werdum (c) v. Stipe Miocic

Since returning to the UFC for his second stint, Werdum has been on an absolute tear, with the capper being him obtaining UFC gold in a dominating performance against Cain Velasquez.  He was masterful in his last fight, but what nags me is the thought that he might have had an irregular advantage in that fight, considering that he had his last two fights in the high altitude of Mexico City and basically lived there for that last year and was acclimated to the thinner air, while the normally high cardio Cain was left gasping for air by the second round.  Werdum is no longer just dangerous on the ground, having shown marked improvement in his striking ability.  During the podcast, I was alone on my island in my pick of Stipe to take the crown from Werdum, but in the intervening days I had visions of the fight going to the ground and Stipe getting pounded or getting choked.  I have chartered a plane off said island.  Werdum by submission in 3rd round.

Picking Werdum- All of us

Vitor Belfort v. Ronaldo Souza

People want to give Belfort credit for still being able to head kick his last opponent into oblivion even though "TRT Vitor" is now a sad distant memory in the past.  Let's remember something folks.  The guy he head-kicked?  It was a 42 year old man who has also had to wean himself off TRT.  I have no faith in this Vitor.  Jacare by submission in 1st.

Picking Jacare- All of us

Cyborg v. Leslie Smith

Smith has been talking a good game this week, stating that she will be known as "the woman who destroyed Cyborg."  Well at least she's talking differently than everyone else who faces Cyborg.  It won't make any difference however.  One thing to watch out for is how different Cyborg looks cutting an additional five pounds.  Cyborg by KO in 1st.

Picking Cyborg- All of us

Corey Anderson vs. Mauricio Rua

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua is a legend.  He has had a long and illustrious career, filled with thrilling fights and tremendous wars in the Octagon and the ring.  The problem with legends is that by the time such a superlative is bestowed on means they're old.  Being old is fine as long as you're still performing at a high level.  Shogun has looked like a shell of his former self however.  The problem with being a legend, especially a legend in a combat sport, is their old ass eventually encounters a stronger, faster and younger beast who is ready to beat them with impunity.  While Anderson's striking still lags behind Shogun's, his wrestling should allow him to control the fight and depress Marc.  Anderson by decision.

Picking Anderson- All of us

Matt Brown vs. Demian Maia

I know Brown asked for this fight, but I have to wonder if that was a smart choice.  To say that Maia is much better on the ground would be an understatement.  Maia will be able to get this fight to the ground fairly quickly and have his way with Brown.  Maia by submission in 1st round.

Picking Maia- All of us.

It's MMAzing 2016 Standings
1. Doctor Law - (47-20) - .701
2. DJ Mark- (44-23) - .657
3. Lavender Gooms  - (43-24) - .642
4. Kid Presentable - (40-27) - .597

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