May 14, 2016

Bellator 154: Live Play by Play

Join us as we provide live play by play for Bellator 154: Davis vs King Mo starting at 5:00 pm PST
Keep it locked on this page with the refresh button close at hand as the updates will becoming in often once the main card begins.

Live event is about to start and we've already seen a lot of familiar faces. In attendance we have legends Mark Coleman and Royce Gracie, current Bellator Light Heavyweight champion Liam McGeary and former Strikeforce Lightweight champion Josh Thomson.

* update* Michael Chandler is also in the building, Doctor Law demands at least a grappling match between him and Thomson.

**update** Robbie Lawler is in the building

Andre Fialho v Rick Reger

Round 1

Andre and Rick are in the cage, things are about to kick off. Rick lands three low kicks. Rick eats a jab, gets a low kick counter with a good right hand. Eats a solid job, Rick is a little unsteady. Rick clinches up, Andre breaks it off. Andre misses a big flying knee. Andre lands an over hand right, then an uppercut, Rick is dropped. Gets back up. Rick is hurt bad. Eats a left hook and falls to the ground. Andre follows up and finishes it with punches.

Great job by Andre, looked focused and on point tonight.

Andre wins by KO at 2:11 in the first round

Adam Piccolotti v. Ray Wood

Round 1

Both fighters are in the cage, Adam is the home town favorite in this one. Adam and Ray trading kicks and punches from range, nothing lands solid yet. Adam eats a knee and takes Ray down, Adam passes to half guard. Adam with some ground and pound, still in half guard. Adam gets mount, gets his back, trying for the rear naked choke. The choke isn't fully in yet, has his hooks in and is controlling. Some good ground and pound, Ray turns back to mount, Adam catches him in an head and arm choke. Gives up on the choke and lands a big punch. Adam takes the back again while standing. Rear naked is in, this one's over.

Adam looked like a total beast on the ground, seriously was just on another level tonight.

Adam by standing Rear Naked Choke at 3:17 in the first round


Josh San Diego v Jeremiah Labiano

Round 1

Both fighters are in the cage, Jeremiah is the local fan favorite. Josh takes the enter of the cage. Is measuring his distance, nothing big has landed yet. Spinning back kick misses for Josh, keeping Jeremiah against the cage. Josh lands a good punch, Jeremiah rushes forward with some strikes nothing lands. Josh continues to control the center of the cage, Josh gets a takedown in the middle of the cage. Jeremiah is trying for a triangle, can't get it or a sweep, Josh stands up. Both guys are standing now. Jeremiah eats a knee to try for a takedown, has Josh against the cage working a single leg takedown. Now they are in an over under clinch. Jeremiah is pushing Josh against the cage. Josh gets out of the clinch, Jeremiah tries a spinning back kick, misses. Jeremiah grand a kick and takes Josh down, follows up with some last second ground and pound.

I got Jeremiah stealing the round late with that takedown and punches, but it was really close.

Round 2

Josh throws a left hook, gets some of it to land. Both are throwing punches, nothing landing solid yet. Nice body kick from Josh, Jeremiah tries a right hand misses. Josh changing stances, pressuring Jeremiah against the cage again. The two trade kicks, nothing lands clean, Josh throwing more punches, some landing a little. Josh throws a half hearted spinning back kick. Josh throws two body kicks, none land clean. another body kick. Jeremiah throws a low kick, another body kick from Josh. Another spinning back kick finds air from Josh. Jermiah lands an over hand right, Josh lands a head kick, Jeremiah tries to take him down against the cage, gets the takedown. Josh reverse gets back up.They trade punches at the bell.

I got Jeremiah stealing the round again, but I'm not 100 % confident, very close rounds

Round 3

They are trading to open the third, both land some punches. Josh takes the center of the cage again. Josh throws a low kick, inside and then outside low kicks from Josh. Jeremiah comes forward with some strikes, none land cleanly. Body kick from Josh lands, Jeremiah lands a jab, Josh takes the center again. Josh pressures Jeremiah with punches, Jeremiah circles out to make space. Jeremiah takes the center. Josh backs him up lands a clean punch, Jeremiah shoots in for a takedown, has Josh against the cage. Jeremiah gets the takedown, has Josh against the cage with Jeremiah in the guard. Jeremiah using his head to push against the cage. Jeremiah holding Josh down, no punches or passes attempted yet. Ref might stand them up. Some ground and pound now, ref stands them up. Ther trade punches, Josh gets the better, Jeremiah shoots but gets mounted! Josh rains hell fire from the mount, Jeremiah moves to avoid damage but still eats punches. The round ends with Josh throwing down on Jeremiah.

Josh got this one clearly, did better standing and finished strong.

I have Jeremiah stealing this one, but rounds 1 and 2 were razor thin.

Josh wins a unanimous decision, fun fight over all and real close.

Cyborg Santos v. Saad Awad

Round 1

Saad Awad walks out, this one is going to be violent. Awesome terminator entrance for Cyborg. Get hyped its happening! Feeling each other out, Cyborg throws a spinning back kick, misses, Cyborg with a nice low kick, they clinch, cyborg lands an knee and then Saad returns one back. Cyborg gets the trip take down. Cybrog is in half guard, Saad throws punches from the bottom. Not a lot of activity from Cyborg, Saad gets the guard, goes for an arm bar, then Cyborg goes for a heel hook, Saad gets out of it. They are tied up, Cyborg tries another leg lock, Saad is moving to escape the attempts, Saad gets on top and is raining punches. Cyborg looks hurt, Saad is raining more punches. Cyborg is in serious trouble, is eatting a ton of punches. Non stop punches from Saad, Cyborg has no answers. Saad gets his back, Cyborg gets half guard, is eatting punches the whole time. Saad gets more distance and continues to throw, the ref sees enough and stops it.

Exciting fight, didn't expect it to go to the floor but Cyborg's failed leg locks spelled his doom.

Saad Awad wins by TKO ground and pound at 4:31 in the first round

Phil Davis v. King Mo

Round 1

King Mo has his own theme song, that's pretty cool. Phil Davis, Bellator's Ric Flair/Bob Sapp?? Okay, nevermind, coming out to some christian sounding rock, maybe the opening theme to some CW show? King Mo takes the center, measuring eachother, Phil with a front kick. King Mo lands a straight right, pressuring Phil against the cage, Phil misses a big left hook. Nice body kick from Phil, Phil throws a job, King Mo tries an uppercut, nothing landing cleanly. Another nice body kick from Phil to the liver. King Mo still pressuring. King Mo tries a one two, Phil with an over hand missing. Mo throws a nice body shot. Another kick from Phil, Mo grabs it and punches off it. Phil throws a low kick, King Mo tries to counter. Might have been a clash of heads, Phil tries a big head kick, doesnt land. Super man jab to low kick, clinch for a moment. Another body kick from Phil. Phil misses a left hook. Nice jab from King Mo to finish the round.

Super close round, might give it to King Mo for controlling the fight a little better.

Round 2

Phil misses a one two, King Mo grabs a kick, drags him to the mat. Phil give up his back to stand up, gets out of the clinch. Phil tries a BIG high kick, misses. Phil glances another body kick. King Mo with a good jab, Phil returns with a front kick to the groin. King Mo pressures, Phil throws a body kick, Mo with a big overhead doesnt land. Phil wants the left high kick. Crowd is booing. Super man jab to low kick from Phil lands. Nice jab from King Mo. Another nice jab from Mo. Phil fakes a few kicks. King Mo letting his hands go a little more, nothing sores solid. Phil with a couple of good jabs. Phil with a big over head right glances. King Mo rushes him, Phil circles out. Missed high kick and jab from Phil. King Mo tries to counter a jab with a big overhead punch, misses. \

Another close round, I'm leaning towards King Mo but it could go either way.

Round 3

Phil throws a jab and King Mo counters with a flurry. High kick from Phil is blocked. King Mo is pressuring more. King Mo lands a body shot. Both guys more actie this round. Another body shot from Mo. Phil tries a right straight. King Mo is presuring much more, more punches. Good uppercut from King Mo. Both are trading, phil with kicks and Mo with punches. Big over head from Mo, doesnt land solid. In the clinch for a moment. Huge right hand from Phil, takes Mo Down, Mo is hurt. Phil tries to ground and pound. Mo gives his back. Mo s in trouble. Phil drags him back down. Phil has is back, Mo turns into Half guard. Phil tries a kimura, Mo rolls, Mo gets on top! Crowd goes nuts. Mo is back up, Phil trips off a high kick. 30 second left! Mo rushes forward. Phil shoots, Mo defends. Body kick from Phil, over head from Mo, round ends. What a fun last round.

I think I give that one to Phil, but Mo might have won with the first two rounds.

Phil Davis wins by unanimous decision, I thought Mo did just enough to get the first two rounds but the judges didn't agree.

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