Feb 20, 2015

UFC Fight Night 61: Mir vs. Silva Picks

Boy oh boy has there every been a Fight Night card so over-shadowed by the week's events?  If you've been under a rock the last couple days you missed the UFC holding a press conference doing a 180 on drug testing (which was a 180 from their stance to allow the commissions to do all the drug testing.  WADA level testing all year round AND a four year ban for first offenses=the UFC is not fucking around.  It's only fitting that the week the UFC shows how big their Johnson is, the main event involves two guys who used to do TRT.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Silva

Perhaps because Mir has been in the UFC since I was a junior in high school and Silva is working on his third year with the company, it definitely feels like Mir is so much older than the Brazilian but they're only seperated by a few months.  While age may be nothing but a number, fight tape doesn't lie.  Frank Mir has not looked good in a fight since the time he broke poor Big Nog's arm back in 2011.  He simply isn't a high-level fighter anymore but because he's still a draw he's still getting contender-level opponents.  Silva will blitz Mir from the beginning of the fight and make quick work of the former champ.  Silva by TKO in first round.

Silva: All of us

Edson Barboza vs Michael Johnson

Fight I'm looking forward to the most.  Johnson has three impressive wins his last three fights and Barboza should be on a six fight winning streak if not for a fluke jab KO by Donald Cerrone( he whupping Cowboy's ass before that).  Johnson is easily the more well-rounded fighter of the two, but I'm going to put my money on Barboza's improved takedown defense allowing this match to stay upright and then use his kicks to slow Johnson down and finish him in the later rounds.  Barboza by TKO in third round. 

Barboza: Gooms, Dr. Law, DJ Mark
Johnson: Kid P

Sam Alvey vs Cezar Ferreira

Here's one thing I would never want to be told is my best characteristic as a fighter; that I can take a punch.  That is essentially Sam Alvey's best trait.  I would much rather be the all world striker or wrestler but that's just my opinion.  While Alvey is tough, Ferreira overall skill set should carry him to a close decision.  Ferreira by split decision.

Ferreira: All of us

Rustam Khabilov vs Adriano Martins

I feel bad for Martins.  If he's in there with alot of other guys I would likely write glowing things about how I like him and I think he's one the guys to look out for.  But not in this fight.  Khabilov is going to style all over him.  That's all.  Khabilov by TKO in 2nd.

Khabilov: All of us

Iuri Alcantara vs Frankie Saenz

For Saenz this is like going from Algebra to astro-physics.  Dude has one win against a nobody and his next fight he get a top 10 guy in Alcantara.  That's not even right bruh.  Instead of wasting space analyzing how mismatched Saenz is, I'll tell you guys instead about how good "Empire" is.  It's almost like a TV sequel to "Hustle and Flow" where Terrance Howard and Taraji Henson's character's made it big.  It's ratchet-level TV but it's must-see TV as well.  If you're not watching it I want nothing to do with you. Alcantara by TKO in first round.

Alcantara: All of us

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Sean Strickland

This is pretty even match-up and a good fight to start the main card.  Ponzinibbio looked good in his last fight against Oliveira while Strickland didn't look too great against Luke Barnett aka "The Big Slow".  Even so Strickland's gas tank and wrestling will give him the edge over. Ponzinibbio.  Strickland by unanimous decision.

Strickland: All of us

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