May 24, 2013

UFC 160 Predictions

What happens when four people say they are going to make a predictions post and they all forget? An extra short version of staff predictions of course.

UFC Heavyweight Championship:
Cain Velasquez (c) v. Antonio Silva

UFC 146. Do you remember it? It wasn't that long ago. Today is actually one year to the day of that event. Why is this significant? It's because that was the date Cain Velasquez turned a UFC fight into a God damn horror movie. He brutalized this guy named Antonio Silva and left him in a pool of his own blood. One year later...they're fighting again. Mostly due to lack of options. I'm going to go out on a limb as say that Cain is probably going to take this one.

Picking the champ: It's like we're all Nostradamus
Fools picking Silva: none of us

Junior Dos Santos v. Mark Hunt

The #RallyforMarkHunt has paid off in a big way. The big man is now fighting JDS for a shot at the UFC title. Does he have what it takes to beat Cigano. Yes. Mark Hunt could knock out a rhino. I am so excited for this fight that there is NO possible way that it can live up.

Fans of logic: DJ Mark, Lavender Gooms
Mark Hunt was born know this: Doctor Law, Kid Presentable

Glover Teixeira v. James Te Huna:

This was originally supposed to be Teixeira v. Ryan Bader, but "Darth" got hurt. James Te Huna, who we were all surprised to find out is 5-1 in the UFC, steps in to take on the Brazilian Chuck Liddell. It's great that Glover is in the UFC and is viewed as a legitimate challenger to Jon Jones (he's not), but this fight isn't doing him any favors. He is expected to beat Te Huna and Te Huna is, apparently, very difficult to beat. This should be a fun brawl though...that's just how these guys fight

Glover...why do you live in Connecticut?: All of us are confused about this.
Te Huna is a fan of Men in Black. Good for him: None of us

Gray Maynard v. TJ Grant

The winner of this gets a title shot. So basically...Gray Maynard gets a title shot. No offense to TJ, his win streak at 155 has been very impressive. However, "The Bully" is on a totally different level. I see him taking TJ down and beating the crap out of him for 3 rounds.

Gray needs to buy a new TV...seriously: We're all gonna pitch in
TJ isn't bald by choice: None of us

KJ Noons v. Donald Cerrone:

Striker v. striker. Strikeforce v. WEC. This should be a good fight. "Cowboy" Cerrone is always up for a war and KJ normally brings it as well. I could say that Donald Cerrone is the favorite because of octagon jitters...but it's really because he's just better than KJ. KJ has better hair though. You have to give him that.

We want to eat for free at Cowboy's Chipotle: All of us
Erased KJ getting KO'd by Crazy Horse from our minds: None of us

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