Dec 15, 2020

UFC Fight Night 183: Thompson vs. Neal Fight Predictions

 Stephen Thompson vs. Geoff Neal

Picking Thompson: Gooms
Picking  Neal: DJ Mark, Dr. Law, Kid P

Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Vera

Picking Aldo: DJ Mark, Gooms, Dr. Law
Picking Vera: Kid P

Michel Pereira vs Khaos Williams

Picking Williams: All of us 

Rob Font vs. Marlon Moraes

Picking Font: Gooms, Kid P
Picking Moraes: DJ Mark, Dr. Law

Alex Morono vs. Anthony Pettis

Picking Pettis: All of us

It's MMAzing 2020 Standings as of 12/15/2020
1. DJ Mark with a "K" - (72-35-1)
2. Doctor Law - (67-41-1)
3. Lavender Gooms - (65-43-1)
4. Kid Presentable - (61-46-1)

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