Nov 1, 2016

It's MMAzing Radio - Episode 207

The gang rejoices at the opportunity to finally preview a fight card. First, however, they do their best to discuss the masterful reporting job done by MMAJunkie re: the UFC investor documents that they come across. The gang gives their opinion on the UFC's new strategy of "get as much money as fast as humanly possible." They then preview the TUF Latina America 3 Finale without discussing TUF at all. The gang focuses their attention of Ferguson v. RDA and the debuts of Held & Grasso. All that and a very NXT-heavy edition of "Stuff We Like."

Listen here


  1. Love the podcast. Gotta stop eating or chewing gum, and breathing into the mic though dr law. It's ruining the podcast

  2. Thank you for listening and I'll look into it. Until I figure it out, I'm going to go ahead and blame Kid P's dog though.

  3. lmao well ty for listening to my critique. Good on you for not just ignoring it or getting upset. Your doing great hosting content wise. Either your eating something or its just the way you speak. You seem to smack your lips at the end of sentences or something, its very annoying. Takes the joy out of listening. I also have one more critique, try not to bite any of the Comainevent podcast catch phrases, but if you must, make sure you shout them out when you do. You guys r too good for that you can come up with your own catch phrases. Thank you for listening, keep up the great work.

    1. I appreciate your honest critiques and thank you for listening