Sep 30, 2016

UFC Fight Night: Dodson v. Lineker Predictions

3 Dodsons. Lineker has no shot.
Via Dodson's IG
John Dodson v. John Lineker

I honestly meant it when I said on the podcast that I am more excited for this fight than any fight on UFC 205. That was before McGregor v. Alvarez became official. Even with that news, I think I'm still more excited for this fight. At this point you guys know that I'm all about watching the little guys fight. Add on to that that these two gentleman have dynamite in their fists. Between the two of them they have been in 60 fights and neither has ever been knocked out. That sh*t is going to change on Saturday. I don't see how this thing goes 5 rounds. (I for sure just jinxed it). Dodson is coming off a bantamweight debut where he dusted Manny Gamburyan in 37 seconds while Lineker's last fight had him sending Michael McDonald to the land of wind and ghosts in half a round. They're both very capable of winning this fight and it's a bit strange that we all lined up on the same side of this one. I simply think that Dodson is a more diverse striker and has better movement than Lineker. That being said, if Dodson just stands in front of Lineker, he will have a very bad time. I think Dodson uses his speed and angles to get it done. Dodson by 1st round KO.

Picking Dodson: All of us
Picking Lineker:

Will Brooks v. Alex Oliveira

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm still a bit salty about "Ill" Will blocking us on Twitter. All I did was ask him how many fights were left on his Bellator contract! Regardless, the man knows how to fight. He made his UFC debut this passed July and won a hard fought decision against Ross Pearson. Brooks has won 9 straight and still only has the 1 career loss to Saad Awad that he has since avenged. Oliveira is making his debut at lightweight in this fight. It's an odd move for the Brazilian Cowboy as he had a fairly successful run at 170 lbs. Oliveira is a very well rounded fighter, but it's hard to pick against Brooks in this one. It's also hard to imagine that he gets a finish as he appears to be content fighting an effective, but not too damaging style. Ill Will by decision.

Picking Brooks: All of us
Picking Oliveira:

I don't need a reason to post this.
Joshua Burkman v. Zak Ottow:

We are now entering the portion of the card where you ask: was this fight on purpose? The answer in this case is no. Josh Burkman was originally supposed to fight Bobby Green, but Mr. Green was pulled from the card due to personal issues. That's probably for the best. Bobby Green has a crazy life. Let's make sure his stuff is in order before he fights again. Anyways, I know nothing about Zak Ottow. 4 wins over guys I don't know doesn't help that. I'm going with Burkman by I know who he is.

Picking Burkman: All of us
Picking Ottow:

Louis Smolka v. Brandon Moreno

Here's another "was this fight on purpose?" fight. The answer again is no. Louis Smolka was originally booked to take on Sergio Pettis here in a fight that was looking to be a really rough one for the brother of Pretty Tony. Unfortunately for us, Pettis had to pull out of this fight due to injury. Even more unfortunate was Louis Smolka taking the time to record a video where he claimed Pettis was suffering from a "hurt vagina" and wished him good luck with his Kotex sponsorship. I'm going to address the rest of this prediction to Smolka:

Louis, let me talk to you for a second man. What the hell was that? This sh*t is not a good look. You've been rolling at this weight class and are getting really close to a fight with Mighty Mouse. You realize it's 2016 and calling another man a woman isn't viewed favorably. No? Well now you know. Maybe lay off these stupid ass jokes and just beat up the kid in front of you. Smolka by 1st round submission

Picking Smolka: All of us
Picking Moreno:

Via Nate's IG
Nate Marquardt v. Tamdan McCrory

Is Kid Presentable trolling me here? We all pick the same in every other fight and where he deviates for this one? Could I really lose first place in the 2016 Standings (see below) over a fight between Nate "The Great" and "The Barncat." looks like it. I don't have a reason for why I'm picking Nate here. Maybe it's because the last thing I remember from McCrory was him getting mollywhopped by a kid named Jotko a few months back. It also might be related to me not remembering Nate's last fight which he lost in the first round by KO. Regardless, here I am...picking Nate Marquardt to win a 2016. God dammit. Nate Marquardt by Please Don't Get Knocked Out Nate It Will Bum Us All Out.

Picking Marquardt: Dr. Law, DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking McCrory: Kid P

It's MMAzing 2016 Standings (as of 9/29/16)
1. Doctor Law - (100-57) - .637
1. Kid Presentable - (100-57) - .637
3. DJ Mark  - (95-62) - .605
3. Lavender Gooms - (95-62) - .605

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