Mar 4, 2016

UFC: 196 McGregor vs Diaz Picks and Predictions

UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz, aka UFC 196: WTF, is almost upon us. A few weeks ago we thought we were getting a champion vs champion superfight between Jose Aldo and Anthony Pet... I mean Conor McGregor and Rafael Dos Anjos. Red panties sales were about to go through the roof. But like all Brazilians who are about to face Conor, injuries happen and that fight will have to be shelved for another day. Enter welterweight Nate Diaz. If I have two takeaways from all the media in the build up and hype for this fight, it is that Nate doesn't give a SH*T, and that now that he is a rich person, he is going to buy all kinds of nice sh*t. The war of words has been fun, and I'm not going to deny, Nate seems to be the very first person to get under the skin of Conor with his "everyone is on steroids" statements. It's going to be interesting, and it is definitely going to be fun. Co-headlining the event is The Devourer of Rondas and the perennial runner up. Holly Holm makes her first defense since she shocked the world, and now is her moment to cement her place. One hit wonder? Or hit maker? Find out Saturday night! But until then, read our picks!

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz
When Nate decided to test the reaction time of the UFC's bleep button guy not that long ago, while fun, I don't think most of expected it to really come to fruition any time soon. These men weren't really on a collision course based on the tracks they were on at the time. Yet here we are, a boy howdy it IS exactly as fun as any of us could have hoped it would be. The joke was that after taking Dos Anjos belt, Conor would gun for Robbie's, and now we have a welterweight bout that is actually going to tell us something about how he looks at this class. Look, if you are reading this then you know this blog rides with the Diaz brothers. Our love and respect for them is solid. But Conor is something else. We've seen Nate defeated on the feet. He was kicked repeatedly by Josh Thomson and a toothpick dispensing Benson Henderson was thigh punching him all night long. Nate's range and boxing is a tall order for any fighter, but Conor's everything is an ordeal as well. I don't recall when Conor said he'd end it, but he will end it. Conor by KO late R1.

There's only ONE Conor McGregor: Kid P, Gooms, Doc Law
I don't give a SH*T: DJ Mark

Holly Holm (c) vs Miesha Tate: UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship
@hollyholm #truth
I think I’m in the same boat as most people in thinking Miesha would never see a title shot again, but then again that’s when we were all living in a Ronda-centric universe. I have been a sports fan far too long to not have realized how quickly and suddenly the whole landscape can change. We always said it would be a great striker that would fell the Queen, yet we somehow still didn’t see Holm coming. It wasn’t close. It looked like Holly was the unstoppable monster. The transitive property in mma math is mostly used as a way to humorously observe the wild and unpredictable nature of the fight game, but it’s impossible to think it is anything but fully applicable in this situation. Tate’s title shot is solely due to being a fresh matchup with a new champion. To this point Miesha’s greatest claim was that she lasted with, and not at all threatened Ronda in their fights. Well now we have the dragon slayer against Miesha. I’m expecting a similar story with a slightly different ending. Holly by KO.

Preacher's daughter: Doc Law, Kid P, DJ Mark
Cupcake: Gooms

Ilir Latifi vs Gian Villante
why you gotta make your account private Ilir?
This is a matchup of two men who were supposed to be the prospect lifeblood of the once marquee weight class in the sport. Latifi has probably flashed a little brighter due to his fight-ending power, while Gian’s career can be largely defined as inconsistent due to a wildly erratic fight IQ. When Gian wins, he looks like the guy we hoped he be. When he loses he reminds of the guy he has mostly been. Latifi is definitely hittable, but he’ll usually wager that you can withstand even less of his strikes. If you could feel his hands right now, it would hit you like a sledgehammer. Sledgehammer by TKO.

Sledgehammer: Kid P
"John": Doc Law, DJ Mark, Gooms

Corey Anderson vs Tom Lawlor
@coreya_mma beastin in this suit.
Tom Lawlor represents one of the biggest casualties from the Reebok deal. Who exactly is Tom without his signature weigh-in and walkout shenanigans? While never really in the top 10 discussion, it was those things that allowed a fringe contender to be a fan favorite. Corey on the other hand is someone I have never really been able to get on board with, but I can’t deny his knack for winning. Maybe it’s just cause of that awful nickname. Ok, it’s definitely cause of that awful nickname. Terrible nickname guy by Beastin R1.

25/8: Kid P, Gooms, Doc Law
Filthy: DJ Mark

Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko
@bulletvalentina in a more literal sense

Pending Ronda’s return to combat, this fight may serve as the defacto #1 contendership. Nunes has been on a tear lately and likely would have been already due her shot had Cat Zingano not pulled off one of the greater comebacks I have ever seen in the sport. Amanda's path to victory is what it always is, and that is sheer aggression. Valentina is very capable and strong technical striker, holding a kickboxing victory over Joanna Champion, so this fight will mostly come down to if she can keep Nunes at range and stave off the takedown. I like the minor upset here as I have been impressed by Bullet since she showed up. Shevchenko by decision.

Lioness: Doc Law, DJ Mark
Bullet: Kid P, Gooms

It's MMAzing 2016 Standings
1. Doctor Law - (25-10) - .714
2. DJ Mark- (24-11) - .686
3. Lavender Gooms  - (21-14) - .600
4. Kid Presentable - (20-15) - .571

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