Feb 19, 2016

UFC Fight Night 83: Cowboy vs. Cowboy Predictions

We have ourselves a cowboy off!  This card has suffered through a lot of changes and on paper this is one of the UFC's weaker cards in the last six months.  It's rare when Bellator and the UFC have cards on the same weekend.  It's even rarer when the Bellator card arguably has more juice and heat behind it (in terms of name value....definitely not pedigree and skill)  so I am actually much more interested in catching Bellator on Friday than this Sunday card.  But it's not like there football anymore so I'll have my butt parked in front of the TV to watch I guess.

Donald (American Cowboy) Cerrone vs. Alex (Brazilian Cowboy) Oliveira

During the last podcast, I wondered aloud if there were any cows in Brazil.  After being laughed at, Kid P pointed out that 90% of food in a Brazilian BBQ is beef, which was a great way to answer my stupid question.  This will be Donald's first fight as a welterweight and he might be in for a rude awakening.  Between fights Alex walks around or north of 200, while Donald is walking around at maybe 175 and drinking all the Bud heavies he can muster.  So the size advantage will be on the side of Brazlian Cowboy.  However, American Cowboy fought just two months ago so he should still have his edge.  Donald should be able to keep the distance and stay on the outside employing his jab and leg kicks.  Donald likely picks his spots and in the later rounds gets the fight to the ground and earns the submission.  Cerrone by submission in 4th round.

Picking American Cowboy-  All of us
Hollywood Cowboy

Derek Brunson vs. Roan Carneiro

One guy (Carneiro) relies on getting the fight to the mat and using his prodigious BJJ.  The other guy (Brunson) doesn't let people take him down...ever.  I think you know which way I'm leaning here.  Brunson
by decision.

Picking Brunson-  All of us

Dennis Bermudez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

The Dallas Cowboy

Outside of Kawajiri cracking Bermudez I don't see how Kawajiri wins this.  Bermudez also possesses power and also throws combinations with much more volume.  With his great take down defense along with the best part of his game, his wrestling, the pros are heavily in Bermudez's corner.  What I'm trying to tell you is Bermudez is the better fighter.  Now watch him get knocked out in the first round because my track record of lock picks has been iffy.  Bermudez by decision.

Picking Bermudez-  All of us

Chris Camozzi vs. Joe Riggs
The Cocaine Cowboy

Joe Riggs is only 33.  But considering he has over 50 professional fights, he is an old 33.  Camozzi on the other hand is the younger and larger fighter who can dictate the pace and should have the advantage in the stand up.  This will be a boring decision win for Mr. Camozzi.  Camozzi by decision.

Picking Camozzi- Gooms, Dr. Law
Picking Riggs- DJ Mark, Kid P

Shane Campbell vs. James Krause

An entertaining fight to start the main card.  These are two action fighters who should have a back and forth match up.  Campbell has the cleaner striking between the two so that gives him the edge.  Campbell by decision.

Picking Campbell- Gooms
Picking Krause- Dr. Law, Kid P, DJ Mark

It's MMAzing 2016 Standings
1. DJ Mark- (15-5) - .750
2. Doctor Law- (14-6) - .700
3. Lavender Gooms- (11-9) - .550
4. Kid Presentable- (11-9) - .550

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