Feb 18, 2016

Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie 3 Predictions

This is what I get for opening my big mouth.  On the podcast I joked a bit too much that we should do predictions article not expecting it to be me.  The irony behind me writing the first(?) Bellator predictions article is I have made fun of Bellator the most from the four of us.  Not DJ Mark, who used to do the critically acclaimed "Bellator minute", but Lavender Gooms, who used to think that minute was 30 seconds too long.  But no longer! Bellator under the guidance of Larry Coker is on the rise as a organization.  They've done away with the season/tournament format, signed a top 5 lightweight in Benson Henderson, and their recent events have brought eyeballs(even if they do lean on the side of being freak-showish)

Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock

Such a mix of emotions when thinking about this fight.  Interest, excitement and most of all....shame.  When I heard about this fight, the first thing that came to mind was Grandad vs. Stinkmeaner, two geezers fighting for our amusement but lessens us as human beings for enjoying it.  These are two old ass men that are about to enter the cage and inflict bodily harm to each other.  It's their lives and no one should tell them what they want to do with their lives, but it is a legitimate concern one of these dudes breaks a hip in there.  Analyzing the actual fight, Ken didn't look absolutely horrible in his last fight against Kimbo which for a man who is 52 is mildly impressive.  Royce on the other hand, hasn't fought in nearly nine years.  It's extremely odd to pick a 52 year old to win MMA match....but not that odd when his opponent is 49.  Shamrock by TKO in 1st round.
Picking Shamrock- Gooms, Dr. Law, DJ Mark
Picking Gracie- Kid P

Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000

What Dada told Kimbo after the press conference
We know what the game plan is against Kimbo.  He struggles against wrestlers who can take him down.  However, he excels against fighters who don't throw leg kicks and are willing to keep it standing.  To call Dada 5000 a mixed martial artist would be like calling me a gymnast because I can do a cartwheel.  There is no way that Dada is taking this fight to the ground, which only helps Kimbo.  The trash talk that has been lobbied between these rivals has been entertaining, but that will likely be the most entertaining thing of this one-sided match up.  Kimbo by KO in 1st round.  

Picking Kimbo- All of us #BabyNuts

Emanuel Newton vs. Linton Vassell

This dude needs a new celebration
Since their title fight,  both of these gentlemen have had mixed results in the cage, with Vassell going 1-1 and Newton going winless in his last two.  Newton is great at getting in peoples faces and grinding it out along with some extremely jerky and awkward striking that seems to work for him.  Before Newton submitted Vassell in the fifth round, it was a tough affair with both landing some good shots.  This fight should be more of the same, with Newton coming out with the win. Newton by decision.

Picking Newton- All of us
So happy I get to use this again
Image via watchkalibrun.com

Derek Campos vs. Melvin Guillard

As much as I complained about having to write a predictions article for this card, all that bitching went away when I read that Melvin Guillard aka "Simon Phoenix" is on the card.  Bobby has held a grudge against Melvin ever since his goon kept him from using the restroom while Melvin was in there.  I think Bobby is just hater.  Nothing more unique and dynamic than a black dude with bleach blond hair.  Of course he needs a whole public bathroom to himself.  Simon says Guillard by TKO in 2nd round.

Picking Guillard- All of us

Daniel Pineda vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

Never go against a Sanchez.  Sanchez via decision.

Picking Pineda-DJ Mark, Kid P
Picking Sanchez- Gooms, Dr. Law

It's MMAzing 2016 Standings
1. DJ Mark- (15-5) - .750
2. Doctor Law- (14-6) - .700
3. Lavender Gooms- (11-9) - .550
3. Kid Presentable- (11-9) - .550

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