Apr 24, 2015

UFC 186: Johnson v. Horiguchi Predictions

The journey to UFC 186 might actually turn out to be more interesting than the card itself, which has been plagued with injuries and odd court dealings that have taken away some of its more appealing match ups. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as our savior, our man of steel, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has come at the zero hour to attempt to save this card (with some help from our justice system, thanks lady liberty). It’s still in the air if he’ll be able to do so, but at the very least it’s made things a bit more interesting.

Demetrious Johnson (a.k.a. Mighty Mouse) v. Kyoji Horiguchi

It’s difficult to think Kyoji is ready to take on the champion at this time, and there’s good reason behind that feeling. Kyoji said in his last post fight interview that he wanted a few more fights before going after the belt. While Kyoji has shown great promise, he hasn’t been tested enough to know if he’s ready for a guy the caliber of Demetrious Johnson. So far in the UFC he’s shown that he’s a worthy UFC fighter and might be able to test some of the best in the division however, it’s just unclear if his skill and mental abilities are ready for arguably one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Like Kid Presentable said during our last podcast, there’s a lot of upsets going on right now, and that’s what a win for Kyoji would be here, an upset, and a huge one at that. Demetrious Johnson by 3rd TKO

Mouse: Dr. Law, DJ Mark, Gooms
Horiguchi: Kid P

Fabio Maldonado v. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Wait, I thought this fight wasn’t going to happen. Well as it turns out, screw what that other judge said about Jackson not being able to fight on this card, this is happening. As weird as this whole process has been with Jackson leaving Bellator and returning to UFC, I’m just glad we’re getting this fight on this card. This is a great match up for Jackson, and probably only one of a few for him within the UFC. Maldonado not only loves to stand and bang but he seems to love to put on a show and that is more or less the same thing you could say about Jackson as well. I’m expecting a good fun fight for this one, with Jackson’s power being the determining factor. Jackson by late 2nd KO.

Rampage: Dr. Law, DJ Mark, Kid P, Gooms
Fabio: The cheese stands alone

Michael Bisping v. C.B. Dolloway

Both of these guys are kinda in the same boat. There were times when it seemed like either of these guys might be turning a corner and finally be able to challenge for the belt. Ultimately, both have fallen short when it’s counted the most and it’s questionable if either will be able to get back to that position. Dolloway has been improving a lot over the last couple of years and I think he will make it a more competitive fight. However, I’m still leaning towards Bisping in this one. I feel he’s a step above Dolloway in stand up and his takedown defense and ability to get back up if taken down will neutralize Dolloway’s wrestling game. Bisping by dec.

Bisping: Dr. Law, DJ Mark, Gooms
Dolloway: Kid P

John Makdessi v. Shane Campbell

On the surface this fight personally isn't too appealing.  While Makdessi is a fairly solid fighter, he has yet to really carve out a name for himself. He’s had mixed success in the UFC. Campbell is making his UFC debut, but is coming off a nice win from World Series of Fighting. Campbell is also a seasoned kick boxer so it would seem to me he’d like to keep this fight standing as long as possible. Given im not nearly as familiar with Campbell as I am with Makdessi I’m playing it safe and going with him. Makdessi by dec. 

Makdessi: DJ Mark, Kid P, Gooms
Campbell: Dr. Law

Thomas Almeida v. Yves Jabouin

I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage in this one as I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Thomas Almeida fight before. I do know he holds an impressive undefeated record and has one UFC fight under his belt. Given that, I’m once again leaning towards Yves due to familiarity. It doesn’t hurt that Yves has been tested in the UFC before. While he didn’t pass every test we know, he’s a most capable fighter. Something I can’t say for sure about Almeida. Yves by dec.

Almeida: Dr. Law, Kid P
Jabouin: DJ Mark, Gooms

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