Mar 19, 2015

UFC Fight Night 62: Maia v. LaFlare Picks

This Saturday, March 21st, coming off of the momentum of the thrilling UFC 185 card that saw two titles change hands, the UFC returns to Brazil and puts on a card that is...well...not so great. This card lost Urijah Faber, Raphael Assuncao, Josh Thomson, Ben Saunders...let's be honest, they might want to rename this card: UFC Fight Night: Well, F*ck.

Don't worry folks. All is not lost. There is
a man that can and will save us from an evening of average-at-best MMA. Some (well, me) call him the Brazilian Superman. Others (also me) call him the Brazilian Octopus (this name will pick up steam soon, I swear). I'm talking about Demian Maia. One of the baddest men on Earth and worth your viewership alone just to see how effortlessly he chokes out professional fighters.

Demian Maia v. It Doesn't Matter

You guys know where I'm headed with this one. Ryan LaFlare may as well not exist because it's all about Demian Maia. After a strong start to his UFC career at middleweight where he earned himself a title shot/dance-off against Anderson Silva, Demian Maia moved to welterweight. Maia has posted a record of 4-2 at welterweight with his losses coming against top contender Rory MacDonald and close decision loss against Jake Shields. He was rejuvenated. You hear that? Rejuvenated. He was juvenated before, lost it... and got juvenated again. Rejuvenated! (+5 points to anybody who gets that reference without Googling it).

Honestly, I don't entirely understand how Maia is an underdog here. Not that I don't think LaFlare is good, it's just that he's 4-0 in the UFC and all I remember is him getting a decision over John Howard that most thought he didn't deserve. His Wikipedia page says that he has a purple belt in BJJ. Unless he's a serious werstler, I think he is going to find himself in trouble early in this fight. Basically, I expect a repeat of the Rick Story fight where he squeezed Story's neck till blood came out of his nose. Oh you didn't see that? Well, look to your right and enjoy. Maia by 2nd round strangulation. 

Maia: All of us fine, young gentlemen
LaFlare: They would be banned from the podcast

Josh Koscheck v. Erick Silva

This fight is going to be a bummer. Josh Koscheck has lost four in a row and looks like a shell of his former self. Erick Silva has been incredibly hit or miss in the UFC. Seriously, all he does is alternate wins and losses. Quite frankly, the fact that he's coming off of a win is a serious cause for concern. DJ Mark and I thought about flipping our picks. If Koscheck didn't look like he had one foot out the door, I would seriously consider it. That being said, when Silva wins it never takes longer than a round. Silva by 1st round TKO.

Silva: All of us

Gilbert Burns v. Alex Oliveira

Gilbert Burn is pissed because Josh Thomson pulled out of this fight and then posted pictures of himself training the next day. That seems like a decent reason to be pissed. Here is where I post the "Boo-urns" gif and stop writing about this fight because I honestly don't have anything else to contribute. Oliveira doesn't have a Wikipedia page so what am I supposed to do? Actual research? Burns by 1st round TKO.

Burns: All of us

Tony Martin v. Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Santos is old as hell. OK, that's not entirely fair. Let me rephrase that: Leonardo is way too old to be winning a reality show for prospects. You have to give him his due though; the man is 3-0 in the UFC. He's also friends with Jose Aldo. So that's...something. I don't know who Tony Martin is and he's fought 3 times in the UFC. 2015 UFC ladies and gentlemen. Santos by 2nd round submission (right-way armbar).

Martin: Gooms
Santos: DJ Mark, Dr. Law, Kid P

Shayna Baszler v. Amanda Nunes

None of the Four Horsewomen have stepped up and taken on the role of Arn Anderson. What do I mean by that? One of the ladies not named Ronda Rousey (who is clearly the Ric Flair), needs to win some f*cking fights. I don't think that's happening with Baszler. A long-time veteran of the sport, it's unfortunate that she finally made it to the UFC during what appears to be the downturn of her career. Nunes was absolutely smashing Cat Zingano back in September before Zingano went primal and took the fight over in the 2nd round. There is no shame in a loss to Zingano and it's obvious that Nunes is still among the best in the division. The same cannot be said about Baszler. Barring a surprise spinebuster (took it back to Arn, +5 points to yours truly), Baszler is getting taken out in this one. Nunes by 2nd round TKO. 

Nunes: All of us

Andre Fili v. Godofredo Pepey

Despite the mean things said on this week's It's MMAzing Radio, Andre Fili having a piano-key belt in Joe Jitsu is super funny and you're super cool if you bring it up. In addition to being one of Team Alpha Male's young prospects (that end up panning out far more often that not), Andre "Touchy" Fili has the best nickname in MMA. It would be nice to see the man with sport's the best nickname become a top ten fighter. That doesn't happen if he cannot defeat fighters like Pepey, even if the fight is in Brazil. Fili by decision. 

Fili: All of us

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