Mar 12, 2015

UFC 185: Pettis vs Dos Anjos picks and analysis

Welcome to the Show. The poster says it all. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis has proven to be one of the more infuriating fighters in recent UFC history. On the one hand, he is dynamite MUST SEE TV. On the other, he is prone to injury and has experienced long layoffs between many of his fights. Fortunately, it is fight week and knock on wood, we're going to get a cold glass of seltzer in a hot July, and that is a TREAT my friends. On the other side of the cage Pettis will meet a confident Rafael Dos Anjos that will be unafraid to stand with Showtime. Anything bad I ever said about Dos Anjos went out the window when he became the first man to ever knock out Benson Henderson. Let us not however, forget about the ladies. I see you Ms. Esparza, go get you another ridiculously expensive sundae! Carla Esparza makes her inaugural title defense against surging champion of the Polish people, Joanna "I had to copy/paste this to spell it right" Jedrzejczyk. It looks like it shall be a throwback match-up of the grappler vs the striker.  Will history's trend of favoring the former continue?

Anthony Pettis (c) vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Even though Pettis' UFC career began with a lowlight loss to Clay Guida, he has looked nothing short of a generational talent ever since. Pettis has been able to put together his exceptional athleticism, supremely technical striking, vastly improved takedown defense, and always dangerous submission game into what became the first MMA fighter to get that Wheaties box cover. Dos Anjos has time and time again proven myself to be wrong in doubting him as he has emerged as one of the best all around fighters in the division. This seems like its will be a game of "anything you can do, I can do better" for Pettis though, and I can't see many avenues to victory for Dos Anjos. I expect him to come to fight, be willing to stand, but ultimately lose. Pettis by KO round 2.

Pettis: unanimous
Dos Anjos:

Carla Esparza (c) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

I'll say it again for myself and DJ Mark. And by again, I mean you should have definitely heard this already from our sweet sweet podcast, but Carla Esparza is a beast and she'll show that she was indeed unappreciated and under-promoted for this bout. Joanna has proven to be quite likable though, and while I expect Carla to win, I'm not cheering against her. Joanna has great boxing and has been fun to watch. Her effort to learn English and even crack some jokes in it has made her very accessible and easy to like. However, contrary to Doctor Law's attempts to impress me with sprawls on air, Carla's relentless takedowns are going to be the story of the fight. Esparza by RNC round 3.

Esparza: Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms
Jedrzejczyk: Dr. Law

Johny Hendricks vs. Matt Brown
Matt Brown is one tough sonunva B. Johny Hendricks is a sometimes whiny, albeit equally tough sonuva B. I will never count Matt Brown out of a fight as there are few people on this earth that have as much heart and will as he does, but it is going to be an up hill battle to get that win. It's a shame this fight can't headline a smaller card in a way because the longer the fight goes, the more things steer toward Brown's favor. In three rounds, Hendricks power, toughness, and wrestling will all be too much to overcome. Hendricks by unanimous decision.

Hendricks: unanimous

Roy Nelson vs Alistair Overeem 

As an encore of that hot, fire podcast that you the reader should be all over, the fight is going to begin with Overeem looking pretty good. Dutch He-Man's got them kicks. THOSE KNEES! Is he pacing himself? Whoa, he even got a takedown in! Uh oh, it looks like Reem got hit with a straight. UH OH. That looks like it hurt him! Aaaaand here come the pretzels.... Roy Nelson by KO.

Nelson: Kid P, Dr. Law
Reem: Gooms, DJ Mark

Chris Cariaso vs. Henry Cejudo

The battle here really begins at the scales for Henry Cejudo, the once heralded Olympian blue-chipper. Nick Nolte would have offered him a new tractor and a duffle bag of cash once upon a time. Multiple weight cut failures later, we're still going to give him one more crack at it. Cariaso is a fighter in the UFC that competes in the flyweight division. Cejudo by unanimous decision.

Cejudo: unanimous

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