Dec 11, 2014

UFC on FOX: dos Santos v. Miocic Predictions

The UFC returns to "Big" Fox this Saturday night with a five round heavyweight main event between the clear #2 guy in the division and a young guy from Ohio looking for his big break. We also get the return of the younger Diaz brother, a horse-eating Dutchman, another Dutchman with anxiety issues and a heavyweight with enough body hair to play Cousin It. Not bad for free TV.

Junior dos Santos v. Stipe Miocic 

Cigano is back. We haven’t seen JDS since he took a world class ass kicking from Cain Velasquez last October. Junior dos Santos basically seems like the nicest guy in the world. That almost makes it more terrifying that he is perfectly capable of knocking your head off your shoulders with one swing. Stipe Miocic is coming off of a ridiculous match-up with Fabio Maldonado that Brazilian commission should be ashamed for licensing. Stipe is a very good wrestler with some solid striking, but he's out of his depth in this fight. The heavyweight division is pretty simple:

1. Cain
2. JDS
3. Werdum
4. Nobody
5. Not a soul
6. Nadie
7. Everybody else.

Mr. Miocic is going to get smoked pretty damn fast. JDS by 2nd round knockout.

Picking Cigano: All of us
Picking Fake Crocop: 

Nate Diaz v. Rafael dos Anjos 

Stockton motherf*cker. Nate Diaz failed in his attempt to get a new contract, but he managed to get himself a huge high profile fight on national television. Also, he blew off his open workout for this fight and claims his negative comments about the Reebok deal on Twitter weren't his own as his phone was "hacked." Never a dull moment with the Diaz brothers. RDA is coming off of a massive victory over Benson Henderson and is very close to getting a crack at Anthony Pettis. That being said, I just think Nate is better than him. It being a three round fight helps RDA, but I still think he's getting finished. Also, look below to see everybody else's picks. We got ourselves a couple of traitors. That don't fly in the 209. Diaz by 3rd round submission. 

Men of Honor: Gooms, Dr. Law
F*cking Turncoats: Kid P, DJ Mark

Alistair Overeem v. Stefan Struve

Two Dutch gentlemen are going to fly to Phoenix to throw some leather and see who is the better man. Both men are dealing with massive questions regarding their careers. Stefan Struve was to come back from a heart ailment in July against Matt Mitrione, but had a panic attack backstage at the fight. Overeem is dealing with having a super questionable chin and the effects of coming off of testosterone (allegedly). I know I stand alone on my pick here, but I just really want something good to happen to Mr. Struve. Also, Overeem's chin is seriously questionable. He's going down from everything. Struve by TKO, round 1. 

Picking Ubereem: DJ Mark, Kid P, Gooms
Picking Captain Heart Condition: Dr. Law

Gabriel Gonzaga v. Matt Mitrione 

I love Gabriel Gonzaga. You guys all know this. I don't need a reason to pick him, but here's one: he's an incredible BJJ player and Mitrione is very weak in that area. Brendan Schaub, a good grappler, but still inferior to Gonzaga, was able to take Mitrione's submission defense apart in seconds. Imagine what a specialist like Napão can do to him. Sidenote, I should probably figure out what Napão means one of these days. Gonzaga by 1st round submission. Also, look at this gif. It's great.

Picking Manbearpig: All of us
Picking Meathead:


Rose Namajunas v. Carla Esparza

I haven’t spoken to anybody else about this fight, as the final episode of TUF just finished before I wrote this, but I’m going to go ahead and make my pick here. Anybody who listens regularly knows that I’m a giant mark for Ms. Namajunas. I’m not abandoning her now. Rose wins by submission.

I also want to say that I just watched whatever the hell “TUF Talk” is. In a nutshell, a bunch of the competitors from the show just went on TV and spent about 15 minutes arguing over who was the meanest person in the house. Just a terrible look for women’s MMA. It was embarrassing. It almost makes me wish they never had an all-female season.

Rousimar Palhares v. Jon Fitch

If you listened to our last episode, you heard many of us say that Fitch is done. I’m not sure I think he’s totally done, but I certainly think he’s close to the end of his career. Palhares, on the other hand appears to be peaking right now. Also, he’s huge and does horrible things to people’s legs. Palhares wins by heel hook.

Picking Paul Harris: All of
Picking Giant Johnny Bedord: 

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