Oct 26, 2017

UFC Fight Night: Brunson v. Machida Predictions

Derek Brunson v. Lyoto Machida

Picking Brunson: Gooms, Kid P
Picking Machida: Dr. Law, DJ Mark

Demian Maia v. Colby Covington

Picking Maia: All of us
Picking Covington: 

John Lineker v. Marlon Vera

Picking Lineker: All of us
Picking Vera:

Does John Lineker make weight?

Yup: Dr. Law, DJ Mark
Nope: Gooms, Kid P

It's MMAzing Standings (as of 10/26/2017)
1. DJ Mark with a "K" - (61-37-3)
2. Doctor Law (c) - (57-41-3)
3. Kid Presentable - (56-42-3)
4. Lavender Gooms - (51-47-3)

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