Sep 19, 2014

Bellator 125: Main Card Live Fight Blog

Doctor Law here bringing you live round by round summaries for Bellator 125 tonight live in Fresno, California. The main card kicks off tonight at 6 pm/pst. Just a note from the pre-lim, the young kid Julio Cesar Neves moves to 30-0 after taking apart Poppies Martinez with a vicious series of strikes including a body dropping, spinning back kick. At the tender age of 20 years old, Bellator has a nice young prospect to watch. 

Martin Stapleton v. Goiti Yamauchi

Round 1: Both fighters come out fast and Yamauchi falls into guard. Yamauchi works for an omoplata, but after a scramble to fight out of it, Yamauchi ends up with back control. Yamauchi working for a RNC but loses it. He is getting pressure on the jaw, but can't get the arm under the chin. Yamauchi switches to half guard then takes the back once more. The forearm finally slides under and Martin taps.

Goiti Yamauchi defeats Martin Stapleton by rear naked choke at 4:37 of round 1.

Javy Ayala v. Raphael Butler

Round 1: No glove touch for the big men. Big swinging exchange leaves Butler with his back against the fence. Javy gets a big slam and the scramble results in Ayala taking Butlers back and very quickly sinking in a rear naked choke. The crowd erupts for their loudest pop of the night.

Javy Ayala defeats Raphael Butler by rear naked choke at 1:03 of round 1.

Rafael Carvalho v. Brian Rogers

Round 1: Both men come out trading in the center of the cage. Rogers is starting to land some bombs to the body. Another big flurry by Rogers stuns Carvalho and leads to a takedown. Fighters are both standing again. Rogers ducks a punch but eats a big knee followed by a failed hip toss attempt from Rogers. Big shots from Carvalho stuns Rogers back into the cage. More shots against the cage and Rogers falls over with one arm posted. Several unanswered shots later, the ref intervenes to stop the fight.

Rafael Carvalho defeats Brian Rogers by TKO at 3:06 of round 1.

Melvin Manhoef v. Doug Marshall

Round 1: Both fighters come out feeling each other out a bit. Big swings from each men, nothing especially connecting. Low blow from Manhoef leads to short time out. Manhoef staying in the pocket swinging with murderous intent, but Marshall fires back with several nice straights.  Thunderous leg kicks followed by a big overhand right leaves Marshall flat, face down, on the mat, out cold.

Melvin Manhoef defeats Doug Marshall by KO at 1:45 of round 1.

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