Oct 31, 2013

Life is Beautiful: Pat Barry and the It's MMAzing Crew Doing it SF II Style

Happy Halloween 
It's MMAzing

One of the best things about being an MMA fan is that it's surprisingly easy to meet up with awesome MMA fighters. The It's MMAzing crew and myself (minus Lavander Gooms, sorry Mike) were over in Las Vegas this past weekend, however this time it wasn't for a card. We were taking it to the streets of downtown Las Vegas for Life is Beautiful, a pretty sweet music festival with the talents the likes of; Alabama Shakes, Haim, Danny Brown, Jurassic 5 (lifelong dream, checked) and Childish Gambino. While we were there we couldn't miss the opportunity to hang out with our boy Pat Barry, the legend himself Forrest Griffin and the Tate & Caraway duo!

We caught the tail end of the Q&A, but made it in time to hang with fighters. Since we just so happened to have been dressed up as classic Street Fighter characters, it only seemed fitting to try and get Pat Barry in on the fun as his personal favorite, Sagat. After a makeshift black belt to eye patch conversion we were set. For the record Pat does an awesome Sagat victory laugh.

Fantastic job by me, I know
We also got to talk to Forrest Griffin, Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway. I could get into those conversations, but I think we can cover it better during Sunday's podcast (Episode 61). Before I go though I thought it would be appropriate to leave you guys with a scare. Pat told me to check out the video below, be scared people, they're cross training now!

Wallid Ismail can be heard in the faint background, screaming JIU JIT SU! JIU JIT SU! 

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