Jun 14, 2012

Anderson Silva on the cover of Brazilian Rolling Stone

Image via mundo-mma.tmblr.com

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva graces the June 2012 cover of the Brazilian version of Rolling Stone magazine dressed as Michael Jackson. Why is a cage fighter on the cover of a music magazine, you ask? It's because Anderson has become a rock star in his native country ever since knocking out Vitor Belfort at UFC 126. His status was further bolstered by his two round embarassment of Yushin Okami in front his home country at UFC 134.

Anderson makes his return to the octagon at UFC 147 next month where he will re-matching Chael Sonnen. Sonnen and Silva famously fought at UFC 117 in a fight that Chael was dominating before being caught in a triangle choke/armbar in the 5th round. The fight will take place in Las Vegas, but was originally supposed to take place in Brazil before a United Nations conference forced the cancellation. Anyways, the point of this article was to let you know that Anderson's love of Michael Jackson has been known for years. Check out this video of him doing MJ proud back when he was in Pride.

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