May 13, 2012

Vinny Magalhaes put his M-1 belt on eBay...and we're the leading bid.

Screenshot via me
Vinny Magalhaes, the reigning M-1 Light Heavyweight champion, has taken his feud with the organization to a new level. Threatened by Evgeni Kogan, M-1's director of communications and king of the Russian hipsters, that they will match any contract offer he signs, Magalhaes has decided the embarrass the company by putting the belt on eBay.

Here's why this matters: We at It's MMAzing want this belt. We are currently the high bidder, but let's be real, this is going to be expensive. If anybody wants to contribute to this fund, let us know. By donating at least $50, you are automatically inducted into the It's MMAzing Ring of Honor, which is definitely not something I just made up.

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