Mar 15, 2022

UFC Fight Night 204 : Volkov vs. Aspinall Fight Predictions

Alexander Volkov(Favorite) vs. Tom Aspinall 

Picking Volkov: DJ Mark, Gooms
Picking Aspinall: Dr. Law

Arnold Allen vs. Dan Hooker(Favorite)

Picking Allen: Dr. Law, DJ Mark
Picking Hooker: Gooms

Paddy Pimblett (Favorite) vs. Kazula Vargas 

Picking Pimblett: All of us

Gunnar Nelson (Favorite) vs. Takashi Sato

Picking Nelson: All of us
Picking Sato: 

Paul Craig  vs. Nikita Krylov(Favorite)

Picking Craig: Dr. Law, DJ Mark
Picking Krylov: Gooms

It's MMAzing 2022 Standings (as of 3/14/22) 
1. Lavender Gooms - (12-4)
1. DJ Mark with a "K" - (12-4)
1. Chalk - (12-4)
2. Doctor Law (c) (11-5)  

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