Jul 11, 2013

Small Town Street Fight: At Long Last

If you listened to our 50th episode you might remember us discussing a legendary video, the Small Town Street Fight. I've been waiting for this thing to turn up in the wilds of youtube for a long time, so please go ahead and check it out above. If you need more convincing or just want to check out the even crazier second half, click below.

There's a lot going on in that video, I know. I went ahead and made a little list of some of the different things you'll see just incase you missed it.

- soft satin sheets (doubling as a ring canvas)
- chicken wire fence ( if it's good enough for chickens, right?)
- 5 piece brass band
- cheerleaders (80's spandex style)
- barbwire covered bat (oddly enough never actually used in the fight)
- serious voices overs
- chairs (okay, kinda standard pressure)
- giant wooden sign
- bikes (yes plural, but even odder, they're used as projectiles)
- completely confused crowd (the three c's for any great video)
- produce tables
- a plastic wrapped eggplant
- watermelons
- countless cardbox boxes (really guys?)
- some sweet 80's synth rock 
- bananas
- kid on rollerblades (haha, bet that was the town's "cool kid")
- inflatable ad
- cassette/radio player (great, now the guys in the back have to wash dishes in silence)
- bookshelf
- some refreshments (for drinking and dazing)
- shaving cream (even egos got hurt in this one)
- umbrella
- 13 stitches
- cash register
- enhanced impact audio (they start sweetening the hits)
- restaurant's "specials" chalkboard  
- a pie to the face (classic)
- a serious anxiety attack
- uncooked chicken
- trash bag
- bottles
- plastic cartons
- fish (ranging in size from two handed to fist full)
- mini fridge
- toaster oven
- fishing net
- capsule toy machine (free toys)
- pepsi vending machine (shameless product placement Pepsi)
- one guy getting his hair/eyebrows shaved

Hopefully you guys enjoyed that as much as I did. Keep it locked down on It's MMAzing for more coverage of the Small Town Street Fight

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