Sep 21, 2012

UFC 152 Predictions

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UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones (c) v. Vitor Belfort

Doctor Law: There is really no reason to go through all of the stuff that happened with Jon Jones with respect to the UFC 151. We went through it in detail in episodes 18 and 19 of It’s MMAzing Radio (click here to get the episodes through iTunes). Overall, let’s just say this: if there is a less media-savvy athlete in MMA, I haven’t seen him. This kid’s head appears to be firmly lodged up his own ass. That being said, he is one of the greatest fighters in the world and I don’t see him losing this fight. He’s just too big, too athletic and too good of a wrestler for Vitor. That being said, Vitor has dynamite in his fists and will be very dangerous for the first 3 minutes of this after. After Jones gets past that, he’s gravy. Jones by 2nd round submission.

Kid Presentable: Had you given me a thousand guesses as to who would have replaced an injured Hendo, I never would have responded with this match. Vitor leaves being on the verge of a MW title shot, to leaving the pack behind for a chance at the belt a weight class higher. I often theorize the question of what it must be like for people like Vitor who know they could knock out any man on the planet, and Belfort certainly can. That fact means that he will always have a chance in a fight but this one doesn't look good. In his most recent light heavyweight tilt, due to missed weight, even a dead on his feet Rumble Johnson managed to take Vitor to the ground. Had it not been for an oddly quick standup, maybe that fight doesn't end the same. Bones will certainly take Vitor down, because he has taken everyone in the division down. There, Bones will be right for once about something he said to the media... that he does indeed have the most vicious ground and pound since Tito Ortiz made it famous. Jones by savage GnP elbows, Round 2

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DJ Mark with a “K”: There’s a ton of pressure on Jon Jones right now. He just signed a massive deal with Nike and is in the worse standing with his ‘fans’ then he’s ever been because of his choices regarding UFC 151, listen to our older podcast on all of that ;) so he needs a win here bad. Luckily I think Jones is more than capable of dispatching Belfort. While Belfort has the x-factor here with his amazing hands, I don’t see him doing what Shogun/Rampage/Lyoto failed to do. Jones via TKO 2nd round.

Lavender Gooms: PR wise, Jon Jones hasn’t had a good month to say the least. It’s not a stretch to say that he is diminished in the eyes of many and many more people think less of him now. Even so, he is an absolute cold-blooded killer. The only chance Belfort has is if somehow, someway, he can get inside the considerable reach of Jones and knock him out. That’s not going to happen however, Jones will style on Belfort like he does all his other opponents so far. And hail to the Buffalo State Bengal football team for defeating the #1 ranked UW-Whitewater last Saturday. I know it’s D-3 but cut me some slack. Jones by submission in 2nd.

Picking Jones: All of us.
Picking Belfort:

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UFC Flyweight Championship
Joseph Benavidez v. Demetrious Johnson

Doctor Law: Back in January, I wrote an article about how Team Alpha Male has the possibility of getting 3 (later corrected to 4 by Mr. Benavidez) UFC titles this year. Well…they’re 0 for 3 so far. It all rests on one man. Joseph Benavidez AKA Joe-B Wan Kenobi AKA The Beefcake AKA Joekozuna AKA the George Washington of Flyweights. That nickname only takes effect if he becomes the first flyweight champion this weekend. I think he’s going to get it done. Mighty Mouse is a fantastic fighter and this will surely be a close fight. However, I think Benavidez is better than him everywhere. Johnson may be a little faster than him, but if McCall can take his back and mount him, I’m pretty sure Benavidez can do far worse. Either way, great fight. I’m stoked. Benavidez by TKO 4th round.

Kid Presentable: JoeB Wan describes himself as 16 and Dominic Cruz. Mighty Mouse himself gave the BW champ a run, but they both fell just short. JoeB Wan came closest though, and I think many feel that the UFC created the flyweight division to give that man a belt. I would say their wrestling is about even, but I almost certainly expect DJ to get this fight to the ground at some point due to his lightning speed and ability to shoot in very suddenly. But JoeB is a very strong wrestler in his own right, but hands down does he possess the better striking with actual power to end the fight. In this lighter weight class that proved even more so in his previous fight against Urushitani. DJ is mighty tough though and he'll have his moments, but I see Benavidez getting a majority. Joe B by decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: For some reason I haven’t be able to get really excited for this fight. I think the fights with Cruz are still floating around in the back of my head. I’m hoping that the actual fight blows away my low expectations, which seems pretty likely. More so if you ask Doctor Law. It’s a really tough fight to call, but I’m going with Johnson here. I think his speed is going to be the factor that helps him get the W. Demetrious Johnson by Decision.

Lavender Gooms: Whenever either of these guys fights, you know the fight will be good. Fighting each other? This will be Fight of the Night no question. They both looked really impressive in their wins to make it to the finals for the inaugural flyweight title. This is a very even fight and a hard one to pick. I think Ian McCall (who Johnson beat) is better than Urushitani (who Benavidez beat). As a result, I’ll choose Mighty Mouse to win the first 125 lb belt. Johnson by Decision.

Picking Benavidez: Dr. Law, Kid P
Picking Johnson: DJ Mark, Gooms

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Michael Bisping v. Brian Stann

Doctor Law: This is going to be a good fight. At least I hope so, because I’m pretty stoked for it. Stann hits very hard and Michael Bisping puts a pace on his opponents that little can match. Stann isn’t one of those guys. Don’t get me wrong, Stann could drop him with one shot, but I don’t think he’s going to find Bisping when he throws. I also think Bisping can put Stann on his ass whenever he wants so if Stann lands, he better make it count. The Brit has got this one and should get next shot at Anderson (he won’t) if you ask me. Bisping by decision. 

Kid Presentable: The march to Anderson continues in this match as both want to be up next. Stylistically this match should favor Bisping as he is just all around better in every department save for one punch power. Stann was taken down at will against Sonnen and Bisping should be plenty adequate to take down Stann in this fight if he wants. If it remains on the feet, he should absolutely be able to pick him apart with far superior technical striking. Of course I can easily visualize Stann landing the Hendo style Falcon Punch all over Bisping's face. Stann doesn't have the kind of wrestling base to keep Bisping honest though, and will have to be a bit luckier to land that blow. Bisping gets a bad rap about his punching power, but he will hurt you in accumulation and eventually that will be enough. Bisping by TKO round 2.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This should be a good one, UFC is dusting off the old England vs USA angle again since I guess the fight is taking place on the 200th year anniversary of the war of 1812 (shoot, and I still haven’t gotten it an anniversary gift yet). I’m excepting a good stand up fight in this one, Stann’s got the power while Bisping has the footwork and technique. I have Bisping winning this fight how he wins most of his fights, accumulation of damage. Bisping via TKO 3rd round.

Lavender Gooms: Whlie I would love to choose Stann and whip out a star-spangled do-rag and matching socks while singing “God Bless America” with a chorus of people chanting “USA, USA!”….I can’t. The Brit is winning this fight. Bisping’s narrow loss to Sonnen shows he’s one of the elite in the division and close to a title shot if he wins this fight. Stann has power in his hands, but Bisping’s superior striking and countering will keep Stann off his game and lead to a decision (since pillow hands Bisping isn’t exactly a KO artist). Bisping by decision.

Picking Bisping: All of us (wow)
Picking Stann:

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Matt Hamill v. Roger Hollett

Doctor Law: Who the f*ck is Roger Hollett? Let’s just get this out of the way quickly. Matt Hamill is who I’m picking because there no conceivable reason for me not to. I know MMA, but come on, I can’t be expected to break down who this nobody is. Anyways, be sure to watch friend of the site Marcus Brimage’s fight on FX before the PPV starts. Him and Jimy Hettes are going to war and it’s going to be a fun scrap. Hamill by Pearl River Plunge in the 1st round.

Kid Presentable: The Hammer returns from retirement and obscurity to fight a UFC newcomer with not a single recognizable name on his resume thus far. Honestly though I am fan of Hamill's as he has always been easy to cheer for, but this fight has no place on the main card. Since it's here though, I can say that I predict this fight to go as any Matt Hamill likely will with him boxing up Hollett then taking him down and punching him some more. Hamill by decision.

DJ Mark with a “K”: Huh? Who’s that guy? Isn’t Hamill retired? They are making people pay for this? I don’t get why this fight is on the main card. I get Hamill is coming out of retirement and everything but against a relative unknown (I don’t know who Hollett is) I don’t think people should be paying to see this one. I could be completely wrong and Hollett would be the next world beater but I’m playing it safe and going with Hamill. Hamill by decision.

Lavender Gooms: Hamill hasn’t fought in over a year and will have considerable ring rust heading into the fight. Even so, Hollett will be making his UFC debut, and he’s a Bellator light heavy weight. For that reason alone I have scorn for his talents until he proves me wrong. Hollet will have his hands full even with an out of shape Hamill. Hamill by TKO in 2nd.

Picking Hamill: All of us.
Picking Hollett:

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Charles Oliveira v. Cub Swanson

Doctor Law: Cub Swanson coming off a very impressive second round knockout of Ross Pearson in June tries to ride that momentum into another good performance against the man the internet enjoys referring to as Aloe Vera. Jokes aside, Charles Oliveira has some of the most vicious submissions in the UFC and if Cubs slips up, he could end up getting strangled. However, I think Cub is going to find a way to get this done. Actually, to be honest I can go either way on this fight, but I think it’s too close for all of use to pick the same guy. Oh what the f*ck? Cub’s real name isn’t Cub. That’s disappointing. “Kevin” by TKO in the 3rd round.

Kid Presentable: This is actually the fight I am most excited for because this fight should be nothing but fireworks. Two explosive fighters in the featherweight division should put on a good show of speed and striking. Cub can be very violent with his fists and Oliveira has some sharp muay thai so I have no doubt that this fight ends with a finish. Oliveira does possess a decisive advantage on the ground though and at some point I see him taking down or dropping Cub with a strike, taking the fight to the ground, then searching a submission over Swanson. Oliveira by choke round 2.

DJ Mark with a “K”: This should be a decent opener. I like Oliveira in this one, I never really know what Cub Swanson is going to come out. Sometimes the guy looks awesome and other times it kinda seems like he’s just phoning it in. I think this’ll be an explosive fight but I see Oliveira getting the submission. Oliveira by submission 1st round.

Lavender Gooms: Even during his first two UFC fights against Darren Elkins and Efrain Escudero I remember thinking “this kid is way too skinny for 155”. Sure enough going 0-2-1 NC in his three light weight fights made that painfully obvious. He looks like a possible contender at 145. While he shouldn’t sleep on Swanson, his submission game is too sick. I’m going inventive with my pick this time. Oliveria by Omoplata (WORD) in 3rd round.

Picking Swanson: Doctor Law
Picking Oliveira: Kid P, DJ Mark, Gooms

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  1. Jon Jones is about to run through the light heavyweight division like Pat runs through the babes in "heavyweights." Jon Jones said he is going to shave his beard. Jone Jones said Chael sucks and wouldn't have a chance, but he wouldn't fight Chael without more preparation. He SAID HE WOULD SHAVE HIS BEARD.
    *Brazilian by kick to his unprotected chin.*

    Flyweights are hilarious. I bet you every crew of Ocean's 11 style bank heisters watch intently to find the next guy they can stuff into a box. Similarly, they troll monster truck shows to find the next Don Cheadle. If they fought on those cables I would die from laughing.
    *JoeB award for winning the fight goes to JoeB*

    M. Bison was an unquestionable dick. Dude was using his psychic powers to host a tournament and trying to take over the street fighters. Guile, the kickass marine, whopped his sorry ass. Easiest card of the night. Also, Bisping is a dick. *Stann by Sonic Boom.*

    Fun Fact: Mark Hamill voiced the joker on B:TAS. I'd like to think it would make his father Vader proud. Not his dad as portrayed by that kid though. How the fuck did that kid get so smart at building robots? There ain't no trade schools for Tattooine slaves. Kids these days couldn't fix a calculator let alone, build a gay gold butler robot. What really sucks, is that the original undercard guys get no cash, while this dude gets to pummel Ryan Mallet. *Hamill by, I'll be getting up to grab some pizza this time.*

    Cub Swanson was raised by bears. His father's is mustachioed beyond comparison. These are all probably facts. *Cub by meat tornado.*