Apr 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Alistair Overeem Withdraws NSAC License and Explains High T/E Ratio

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Coming on the heels of the UFC officially pulling him from a May 26th title bout against Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem has broken his silence on his failed pre-UFC 146 drug test. In a statement released to the press, "The Reem" explained why his T/E ratio was so high and announced that he was withdrawn his application to fight in Nevada. You can read the full statement below:

"To my friends and fans,

I am deeply saddened to announce that on Friday, April 20, I respectfully withdrew from the May 26 event so that I can request a continuance until my situation with the Nevada State Athletic Commission is resolved.

I cannot express how sorry I am to the Commission, Junior Dos Santos, the fans, the owners and employees of the UFC, my friends and family and anyone else who this has affected.

I absolutely do not believe in, nor do I use performance-enhancing drugs. I am a clean fighter and I will do whatever it takes to prove this to everyone.

Prior to the UFC 146 press conference in March, I aggravated an old rib injury on my left side. My doctor prescribed, and I accepted, an anti-inflammatory medication that was mixed with testosterone. I was completely unaware that testosterone was one of the ingredients in the medication. Although I was unaware, I do realize it is my job to know what I am putting into my body.

I respect the Nevada Commissioners and Executive Director Keith Kizer and what they are doing to keep the sport of mixed martial arts regulated and safe for athletes. I look forward to working with them in the days and weeks ahead.

Friends and fans, I ask for your patience as I work through this matter. Please support me. I promise to return to the Octagon soon."

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